Hilary Clinton

“Turning away orphans, applying a religious test, discriminating against Muslims — that is just not who we are,” Clinton said

Hillary Clinton calls for U.S. to ‘intensify and broaden’ efforts to fight ISIS By Eric Bradner and Dan Merica, CNN Updated 11:52 AM ET, Thu November 19, 2015 | Video Source: CNN (CNN) Hillary Clinton is calling for more allied planes, more airstrikes and a “broader target set” — though no large-scale mobilization of U.S. ground […]

USA: Ryerson Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association's banner taken down... again?

USA: Ryerson Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association’s banner taken down… again?

Source: theeyeopener.com An Ahmadiyya Muslim Students’ Association (AMSA) of Ryerson banner hanging in front of Lake Devo was cut down in what the group calls an act of Islamophobia. Titled “Islam: At Odds with the West…?” the event scheduled for Dec. 3 will be a forum for students to ask questions about the religion. The banner […]

Cameron Is Treading a Fine Line – Britain is Dangerously Close to the Bloodiest War of Our Lifetime

Source: Huffington Post By Ben Wood; Labour Party Activist It is increasingly likely that parliament will vote in the coming weeks to give Cameron a mandate for intervention in Syria – if they choose to, MPs will be giving an extraordinary mandate to a man that fails to see the consequences of his actions. If […]

How does the prohibition of burqa dress fit in with pluralism, and does it stem from an undercurrent of prejudice?

  Bigotry veiled as liberation Source: Middle East Eye By Adam Walker Earlier this month, the European court of human rights (ECHR) issued a judgment in which it rejected a challenge to the controversial 2011 French law banning the wearing of face veils in public. The ruling has since sparked national debates across a number […]

Dr Javed Ahmed Ghamdi

Ghamidi on Ghamidi

By Dr. Nasir Gondal, New York In Pakistan everybody who watches TV knows Ghamidi. Outside of Pakistan he is perhaps not as well-known as he should be.  Like any one who becomes popular enough,  he has become controversial  enough. I have not heard or read him enough to make a well informed opinion about him. […]

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings

Dallas Mayor Says He’s More Fearful Of Armed White Men Than Syrian Refugees

Source: Think Progress BY JACK JENKINS NOV 23, 2015 2:04PM The mayor of Dallas is pushing back against politicians who say Americans should be skeptical of Syrian refugees, saying he is “more fearful” of armed white men than people fleeing civil war in the Middle East. Speaking to MSNBC on Saturday morning, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings […]

Anti-Muslim is anti-American

Tribune: There seems to be no bottom to the cesspool of Islamophobic rhetoric coming from Republican candidates. The tone of anti-Muslim musings post-Paris attack has become so poisonous that it cannot portend anything positive. In the latest, the Republican front-runner said the United States would have “absolutely no choice” but to close some mosques. And, […]

Muslim marine’s response to Donald Trump goes viral

(CNN)Shocked by Donald Trump’s call for the creation of a national database to register all Muslims living in the country to prevent terrorism, one former U.S. marine came up with the perfect comeback. Tayyib Rashid, who describes himself as an “Ahmadi Muslim—Marine—American—Dad—Husband” on his Twitter account, wrote to the 2016 presidential hopeful: “Hey @realDonaldTrump, I’m […]

655. Commandment –O Prophet! why dost thou forbidthyself that which Allah has made lawful to thee, seeking the pleasure of thy wives

  Commandment –O Prophet! why dost thou forbidthyself that which Allah has made lawful to thee, seeking the pleasure of thy wives   [66:2] O Prophet! why dost thou forbid thyself that which Allah has made lawful to thee, seeking the pleasure of thy wives? And Allah is Most Forgiving, Merciful. [66:3] Allah has indeed allowed to you the […]


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