Shia, Sunni leaders unite to protect Ahmadiyya place of worship in Sheikhupura

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Hajj is a symbol of universal brotherhood and should help Muslims unite around human rights and walk away from divisions on petty theological details

By Hafiz Shaheer Gul Khan

September 20, 2023

In recent times, Pakistan has witnessed a surge in incidents of religious extremism, often resulting in the destruction of Ahmadiyya places of worship. However, a remarkable and heartening development has emerged in the Narang Mandi area of the Sheikhupura district.

Here, Shia and Sunni Ulama, or religious scholars, have joined forces and made a compassionate plea to the police: they requested that the minarets of the local Ahmadi shrine be spared from demolition, as doing so would deeply wound their hearts.

The unity displayed by these religious leaders in their petition is a testament to the enduring spirit of religious tolerance in the region.

They affirmed that the Ahmadiyya Bait-ul-Zakr was constructed in 1963, prior to the promulgation of Ordinance 1984. Importantly, they voiced their lack of objection to the architectural style of the shrine, emphasizing that it neither offends their sentiments nor those of the local populace.

The petition, initiated by the community, carries the signatures of both Shia and Sunni scholars, as well as local residents.

In a time when religious extremism is on the rise in our nation, this demonstration of religious harmony and mutual respect is not only a source of hope but also a beacon of the positive image that Pakistan can project to the world.


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