Switzerland: Exaggerated …

  Daniel Foppa Ressortleiter Inland @DFoppa14.08.2017 (Possible prohibition of the importation of Halal and Kosher Meat into Switzerland)   (Halal and Kosher slaughter is already prohibited) When the National Council adopted the motion to ban imports of animal-induced products in June, the emotions were high in Romandy: (French speaking Switzerland) […]

Five injured in Swiss chainsaw attack

Source: ET GENEVA: A man armed with a chainsaw injured at least five people in an attack in a Swiss town on Monday, local media reported. The Blick news site said police, ambulances and a helicopter had rushed to the scene in Schaffhausen and had sealed off the area. Witnesses, including a […]

PROBLEM SOLVING : The designers making life better at an asylum centre

By Carlo Pisani   http://tp.srgssr.ch/p/inline?urn=urn:swi:video:43323830&locale=en EMBED CODE  JUL 14, 2017    Find and execute a design concept that solves a concrete problem, with minimal resources, in one month, inside a transit centre for asylum seekers. That’s the challenge facing students at the Zurich University of the Arts. (Carlo Pisani, swissinfo.ch) […]