‘Muslim believers say ‘one day this will all be ours’ and call it the Great Replacement’: French Archbishop says higher Muslim birth rate is changing the country

Luc Ravel said Muslims ‘tell you in a very calm way’ that ‘France will be theirs’ Term ‘Great Replacement’ has previously been used by writer Renaud Camus  Ravel said abortion is ‘not only conceded but promoted’ and he ‘cannot accept it’ France’s Muslim population is about 4.71m, according to Pew […]

The Secret Life of the Aga Khan

POSTED BY AKBAR KHOJA ⋅ AUGUST 5, 2015 ⋅    When the flamboyant Aga Khan, regarded as a ‘living god’ by his 15 million Islamic followers, collided with a snowboarder on the slopes of Courchevel last year, and was flown to hospital in Boston with serious injuries, the incredibly delicate […]

From Macron’s teacher to France’s first lady

Source:CNN The relationship between French President-Elect Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Trogneuxhas captivated the world. There is nothing cliche about their story, which began when a 15-year-old Macron took part in a school play directed by Trogneux, 24 years his senior. Trogneux went from being Macron’s teacher to his […]