Coercing the media

Source: Dawn AN unannounced censorship seems to have been imposed on the media. The restrictions have certainly not been imposed by the federal government or any regulatory body. Still, the media houses are compelled to follow a diktat. Opinion pieces violating ‘guidelines’ have reportedly been withdrawn by the management of […]

Pakistani rights movement Army wants no one to see

A new civil rights movement in Pakistan is galvanizing a rapidly growing following among the country’s ethnic Pashtun minority by doing the nearly unthinkable: openly accusing the powerful and popular Pakistani military establishment of being “oppressors” who kill or whisk away Pashtuns by the thousands. Counting hundreds of thousands of […]

The ‘Muslim-first’ Doctrine

Source: The Kashmir Monitor By Khaled Ahmed Justice Shaukat Siddiqui of Islamabad High Court, in his March 9 ruling, wants all citizens to identify themselves by their faith. He wants “applicants for public offices to declare their beliefs before being considered for employment”. He targeted the officially apostatised Ahmadi community, saying […]