Faith & rationality

Source: Dawn MANY Muslims today might be offended by the statement that the Quran wants people to use their powers of reasoning and intellect. For such Muslims, faith should be blind, followed with emotion and demonstrated through traditions established by clerics and forefathers. The Quran specifies that the only characteristic […]

The gates of hell

Source: Dawn Afghanistan, screaming blame and abuse.But the louder they yell, the more insistent the question: how have they managed to get it so wrong? Let’s talk about the boys a bit. The wave, this fresh orgy of violence, is rooted in Afghanistan. There’s no real reason to doubt that. The […]

Why Ahmadiyya being targeted?

Source:Quora They are extremists having wrong interpretation of religion, misguided, ignorant,and misguiding others to act like them doing it for political and personal benefits. We condemn such acts. Some groups of Muslims use unlawful means and suicide bombers, bombing in the name of religion to kill and harm non-Muslims including […]

AfPak again

Source. Dawn Let’s assume Bajwa is inclined towards an overall policy rethink — towards a militancy-free Pakistan, in all shapes and manifestations. But then in strides the American behemoth once again, knocking heads around, demanding actions, threatening and intimidating — all because it wants its (muddled) way in Afghanistan. That […]

Rising Islamophobia

Source: Dawn “A SPECTRE is haunting Europe — the spectre of Communism. All the Powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre.” If adapted to the situation we now face, and have witnessed in the last three decades and more, these opening lines of […]

No plan for travel ban on Pakistanis: US

Source: Dawn WASHINGTON: The Trump administration has no plan to ban Pakistani citizens from travelling to the United States because Pakistan is providing the data they need to vet a visitor, US officials say. In recent briefings to various media outlets, White House officials also said the administration had no plan […]

Another law to curb extremism

Source: Dawn UPDATING and strengthening laws dealing with religiously motivated crimes, especially sectarianism and violence against non-Muslims, is a sensible and necessary move by the government. The Criminal Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2016, is set to become an Act of Parliament after the National Assembly once again voted to approve the […]