View from Turkey: Whether secular or traditional, hegemonic masculinity still exists in societies

MERYEM İLAYDA ATLAS@miailayda Illustration by Necmettin Asma Hegemonic masculinity continues to remain a chronic dogma within societies regardless of being secular or traditional. Thus studies have a lot to overcome  When we say gender studies, we mean studies on the issues of women, men and LGBTQ. Gender studies, however, everywhere […]

Looming new threats

Jan 08,2017 – JORDAN TIMES – Amer Al Sabaileh Daesh shifted technically and tactically its method of carrying out terrorist operations in Istanbul; moreover, the assailant attacked at a vital time, New Year’s Eve celebrations, in spite of the warnings and the security measures that had been taken to face such […]

The ISIS Istanbul Reina Night Club Attack: A Lesson In What Happens When One Invites Cannibals To Dinner

01/02/2017 Ahmet S Yayla Professor & Deputy Director International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism (ICSVE) Anne Speckhard Director, International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism, Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychiatry – Georgetown University   ISIS attacked again in Turkey, this time on New Year’s Eve in the […]

A Brief History of Jihadist Movements

How the Jihadist Movements Thrived Ideologically Despite Their Militarily Defeat: Examples from Arab History By Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam 02 January 2017 As the New Year 2017 arrives, one of the most sought-after questions is: will the Islamic State—the chief jihadist cult in the current history— end in […]