Maryland imam arrested for involvement in a pro-ISIS terrorist plot

The Maryland imam arrested for involvement in a pro-ISIS terrorist plot has been on our radar for months. We shared that info with the authorities. BY RYAN MAURO Mon, September 26, 2016… Imam Suleiman Anwar of the Islamic Jurisprudence Center (aka Suleiman Bengharsa) (Photo: video screenshot) Related Stories Clarion’s Ryan […]

President Obama Praises Both Protest and Patriotism at Smithsonian African-American Museum Opening

Source: Time By Maya Rhodan @m_rhodan & Katie Reilly @katiemacreilly President Barack Obama praised the coexistence of “protest and love of country” on Saturday during the opening of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, an occasion marked by reflections on the current racial tensions across the country. “This is […]

Muslim Women Behind The Lens

Source: : It’s a powerful film, ‘Tiryaaq’, which literally means an antidote. It’s a narrative that is meant to reach out to regular people and the patriarchal powers of polity, clergy and family with the intention of not just unravelling the insidious functioning of caste patriarchy and religious fundamentalism […]

Asma Jahangir: The street fighter

Source: Herald Immediately after the horrific Quetta terror attack on August 8, 2016, Dr Danish, a television anchorperson, tweeted pictures of Asma Jahangir with a caption in Urdu which translates as: “When lawyers were being killed in Quetta, the so-called leader of the lawyers was enjoying herself in the northern […]