Masih Maud Day – The Advent of the Messiah – 23rd March, 1889

 some past functions on this day: March 28, 2017 | Masih Maud Day Videos: Masih Maud Day – The Advent of the Messiah 23rd March 1889 – The Promised Messiah – Ahmadiyya Muslim Community   23rd March 2013 – Masih e Maud Day – Short Insight SOURCE:—The-Advent-of-the-Messiah—23rd-March-1889

Prisoners of the American Dream

Mar 22,2018 – JORDAN TIMES – Stefanie Stantcheva To many observers, US Republicans’ recent passage of a sweeping tax bill was out of step with the country’s needs. With inequality worsening, would not most Americans want to close the income gap by instituting a more progressive tax system? Surprisingly, the […]

A thirst for barbarity

Source: Dawn FEW recent incidents have shocked the people as much as the one involving two young Christian men, one of them accused of blasphemy and the other nearly killing himself in a bid to escape torture. Even more outrageous appears to be the Punjab government’s stubborn refusal to order […]

Islamic scholarship

Source: Dawn THE Arabic word ‘aalim’, which means one who possesses knowledge, is often used, particularly in the subcontinent, for only those who profess to have studied at some madressah. There is a proliferation of mostly men and a few women who may have learned the Quran and books of […]