Overcoming Sectarian Divide Among the Muslims

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Muslim Killings in Albuquerque Stir Sectarian Ghosts

Source: NY Times

An Afghan family struggled for a foothold in a new home in the U.S. Now one of them is charged with killing fellow Muslims.

By Simon RomeroMiriam JordanAva Sasani and Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs

  • Aug. 15, 2022

ALBUQUERQUE — Five years ago, Muhammad Syed was eyeing a new life with his family in a new land. They had fled war-torn Afghanistan and resettled as refugees into a small duplex near the airport in Albuquerque. Mr. Syed found work as a truck driver. But then the troubles began.

Coming from a culture where women largely stayed at home, he grew enraged with his wife as she was learning how to drive, grabbing her hair and kicking her out of the car, according to one of several reports of domestic violence the police were called to investigate. A security camera showed him slashing the tires of another woman’s car outside Albuquerque’s largest mosque, and he was banned from coming back to their place of worship.

When his daughter enrolled in college, he tried to force her to bring her brother to class as a chaperone. And when she became romantically involved with an Afghan man from a different branch of Islam — a Shiite, while Mr. Syed and his family were Sunni — he attacked the young man and threatened to kill him, the man later told the police.

“Syed was explosive, violent, always seeking revenge,” said Sharif Ahmadi Hadi, an Afghan immigrant who, together with his brother, opened a halal market serving Albuquerque’s growing Muslim community and knew both the Syed family and the victims. “We left Afghanistan to get away from people like him. But they followed us here.”

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  1. Since this guy displays the same symptoms as the Taliban, he shouldn’t have bothered to leave Afghanistan. His behaviour back in his home country would have been totally accepted. Why not send him back without his family, especially the female ones?!

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