Condemning the Misguided Mullah calling Shia Muslims Kafirs and non-Muslim after Peshawar terrorism — With new insights

Suggested Reading by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times for the Muslim unity and then for interfaith tolerance with the Abrahamic faiths

The above video reveals all the components that go in the sectarian divide and politics, whoever is practicing it in overt or occult forms. Presenting God as very jealous of the details of the set of beliefs that the hate preacher wants to promote.  Creating the divide and as a result ruling the naïve followers.  Once the hate monger has divided the Muslims based on alleged ‘Divine authority,’ then proceed with calling the opposite group Kafir and non-Muslims.  Then also becoming a pseudo protector of their human rights;  while the whole purpose of the exercise is to demonize them to divide the society and take away their rights now, in this very divided world.

We have the best theological foundation for a non-Sectarian Islam:

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1 reply

  1. Yes, we are funny people. We condemn those who call Shias Kafir even though the Shias called us Kafir too.

    In the same way we support the rights of the Palestinians even though the Israeli Government is more favourable to us than the Palestinian one.

    Trouble is we are for JUSTICE FOR ALL, even if it is not fully reciprocated (yet)…

    Ah well, may be the regular reader of The Muslim Times has noticed it …

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