Dutch football legend Clarence Seedorf announces conversion to Islam on Instagram

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A photo of Dutch legend Clarence Seedorf that he posted on his Instagram beside his wife Sophia Makramati announcing that he converted to Islam. (@clarenceseedorf/Instagram)

Source: Arab News

  • Seedorf’s post garnered more than 32,000 comments and 346,000 likes from followers
  • His wife Sophia Makramati played a role in teaching him about the meaning of Islam

DUBAI: Dutch legend Clarence Seedorf announced on his Instagram Friday that he has converted to Islam.

Praising nearly 32,000 fans, who loaded his Instagram account with messages celebrating his joining the “Muslim family,” Seedorf wrote: “I’m very happy and pleased to join the all Brothers and Sisters around the world especially my adorable Sophia (wife) who has taught me more in depth the meaning of Islam.”

Seedorf and his wife, Canadian-Iranian businesswoman Sophia Makramati, have been living in Dubai for two years.

Seedorf, the only player in football history to have won the UEFA Champions League four times with three different clubs (Ajax, Real Madrid and AC Milan), said he didn’t change his name and “will continue to carry my name as given by my parents, Clarence Seedorf! I’m sending all my love to everyone in the world.”

Since 2001, the Dutch football icon has created and operated football schools and community leagues across the globe including Suriname, the US, and Netherlands among others, and he also acts as adviser for club owners, football federations and football academies.

The retired midfielder won the Champions League in 1995 with Ajax, in 1998 with Real Madrid, and in 2003 and 2007 with AC Milan. He also bagged a La Liga title with Real Madrid in 1997 and two Serie A titles with AC Milan in 2004 and 2011 throughout his career.

The Instagram post in which he announced his conversion to Islam garnered more than 346,000 likes from his 1.3m followers.

Most followers’ comments welcomed and congratulated Seedorf for converting to Islam.


Dr. Zia H Shah, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

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