Day: March 23, 2022

The three Russian cyber-attacks the West most fears

By Joe TidyCyber reporterPublished16 hours ago Related Topics Russia-Ukraine war US President Joe Biden has called on private companies and organisations in the US to “lock their digital doors”, claiming that intelligence suggests Russia is planning a cyber-attack on the US. The UK’s cyber-authorities are also supporting the White House’s calls for […]

Recalling failures, PM seeks ‘Islamic unity’

Recalling failures, PM seeks ‘Islamic unity’ Baqir Sajjad SyedPublished March 23, 2022 – Updated about an hour ago • Imran regrets ‘divided house’ let Kashmiris, Palestinians down• Wang Yi says China wants to collaborate with Muslim states ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday urged unity among Muslim countries for protecting their interests in […]