Dr. Atif Suhail: My Christian Patient and Me

By Dr. Atif Suhail, Texas

A patient of mine presented to me core concepts of Christianity in a pocket folder of the local countryside Bible Church. I had the honor of taking care of him for the last two decades and happily received that small journal from him for view. I must admit in the past I may not have spent as much time on viewing such material . This time however I did..

After reviewing the core concepts I must admit my profound naivety to such.

Later on I brought it home and viewed it several more times and challenged myself in how I viewed those concepts as a Muslim which is what I present here.

The purpose is to promote mutual awareness, create mutual respect, and foster a spirit of mutual understanding and common grounds and this all a little civic step.

Core Concepts of Christian faith as presented in the pocket pamphlet of countryside Bible Church

1. Christianity.  1’.Muslim

1. God is Holy and owner of all And perfect. 1’.  Same and very core of Muslim belief

2. He requires perfect obedience 2.’ As much as humanly possible

3. Man is Guilty 3.’ Gullible and innocent at birth with choices for path but not guilty and has acceptance of repentance open to him till the last breath

4. The penalty for sin is eternal death 4.’ God is most merciful and most kind and most forgiving.

5. Good Works or intentions will not save anyone. 5.’ All deeds are based and weighed on intention in the hereafter

6. Christ is the Savior.  6.’ God’s prophet before Muhammad

7. Jesus demonstrated God’s  love in dying on the cross to pay sin’s penalty. 7.’ Each soul responsible for its deeds8.

8. Jesus rose from the grave and is alive  today. 8.’ Jesus never died and was taken to heavens

Additional reading

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