How Islam Ahmadiyya was founded in Bangladesh

Source: | Tarek Mahmud The Ahmadiyya ideology, a variation of the Muslim faith developed by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadian, came to Bangladesh with a parcel of medicines in 1912, according to the Pakkhik Ahmadi – a fortnightly magazine of the Ahmadiyya community in Bangladesh. Doulat Ahmed Khan, a lawyer who lived […]

Bangladesh: A life of constant fear for the Ahmadiyya Muslims in Bangladesh

Source: “There are people who do not consider Muhammad (Pbuh) the last prophet. The Quadiani community is among them. They believe more prophets will appear after Muhammad (Pbuh). Their belief is in firm contradiction of the Qu’ran and Sunnah.”… This passage is an excerpt from a creative questionnaire which was […]

Bangladesh: A history of repression of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in Bangladesh

Source: | Tarek Mahmud There exists a pervading culture of attacking the Ahmadiyya community in Bangladesh The Ahmadiyya community in Bangladesh has found itself a victim of attacks for over half a century. Since 1963, 13 Ahmadis have been killed. From 2000, about 100 attacks on the Ahmadiyya community have been […]

Bangladesh: Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat holds press conference in Dhaka – blames religious extremists for attack on Imam

ATTACK ON AHMADIYYA IMAM AMJ,B blames religious extremists Source: Ahamadiyya Muslim Jama’at Bangladesh on Friday claimed that the May 8 attack on the imam of an Ahmadiyya mosque in Mymensingh was committed by the religious extremists as a part of conspiracy against Bangladesh. AMJ,B, muballigh in-charge Abdul Awwal Khan […]

Bangladesh: Three women of Ahmadiyya Muslim community honoured for their exceptional bravery

Source: Ashraf Uddin Sijel, Mymensingh Published at 06:26 PM May 16, 2017 Last updated at 06:52 PM May 16, 2017 Three Mymensingh women honoured for bravery in arrest of militant suspect  Achhia Khatun, Most Ayatunnessa and Minara Khatun addressing the press on Tuesday, after being awarded by the police for […]