True Justice is Blind

Pakistan: Truth hurts. But selective justice is deadlier than COVID ChildLaborHonorKillingsShiaGenocideAhmadiApartheidForcedConversionsBalochKidnappingsWomenHarrassmentMotorWayIncidenceMore… Support justice for all If you’re silent on one, you’re complicit in all — Faheem Younus, MD (@FaheemYounus) September […]

Video: Mohammad Tawhidi On Islamism

Mohammad Tawhidi is an Australian Shia Muslim influencer and reformist Imam.[1][2] Tawhidi has been embraced by a number of Western far-right[3][1][4] and Islamophobic groups.[3][1][5][6] Tawhidi had earlier held Sadiq Hussaini Shirazi as his marja taqlid. Since 2015, Tawhidi has stated that […]