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Zia H Shah

He is a physician practicing in Upstate New York. He is the Chief Editor of the Muslim Times, which has more than 43,000 followers in Twitter. He is also Chair of Religion and Science for the Muslim Sunrise, the oldest Muslim publication in North America. He has authored more than 400 articles on Islam, Christianity, Secularism and Religion & Science. Follow in Twitter: @The_MuslimTimes

Bulleh Shah: The Legendary Punjabi Poet

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Syed Abdullah Shah Qadri“Bulleh Shah” سید عبداللہ شاہ قادری Bulleh Shah in the eighteenth century Personal Born Syed Abdullah Shah Qadric. 1680 CEUch, Punjab, Mughal Empire(Now, Punjab, Pakistan) Died c. 1757 CE (aged 77)Kasur, Bhangi Misl, Sikh Confederacy(Now, Punjab, Pakistan) Resting place Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan Religion Islam Parents Shah Muhammad Darwaish (father)Fatima Bibi (mother) Main interest(s) Tassawuf, ishq, philosophy, poetry, divine […]