Should the UK ban the burqa?

Source: CT Not much happens in August, news-wise, which in part explains the furore over remarks made by a back-bench MP about burqas. When the MP is Boris Johnson, however, publicity is guaranteed. Boris was rude about women in burqas, the all-enveloping garment worn by some Muslim women out of […]

Boris Johnson must apologize !

Boris Johnson must apologise for veil remarks, says Stevenage Muslim leader JP Asher @journo_JP PUBLISHED: 15:10 10 August 2018 | UPDATED: 17:49 10 August 2018 Conservative MP and former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, in 2014. Picture: Danny Loo Boris Johnson should apologise for his comments about women’s veils, and […]

UK: The burka looks ridiculous, and those who defend it do Muslim women like me no favours

Suad Farah – The Telegraph UK LOL” was the reply I got from my niqab-wearing best mate when I sent her the article that Boris Johnson wrote for this newspaper on Monday. I don’t like the veil, and like Boris I would never seek to ban it. But the growth […]