Source: Dawn All this supports Comey’s assertion that he was dismissed because he was investigating charges that “the Russians interfered in our elections” against Hillary Clinton and in favour of Trump. That web of ‘the Russian connection’ between Trump’s associates during and after the election campaign is for the recently […]

Christians find God in US national parks

Source: RNS BRYCE CANYON NATIONAL PARK, Utah (Deseret News) The short, black cross is almost an afterthought, wheeled out of a supply closet moments before introductions begin. Its arrival wraps up 20 minutes of guitar practice and nervous chatter, all part of prepping for a weekly worship service. “You have […]

An illegal and unconstitutional mutiny

Source: AT The distinguished political scientist Angelo Codevilla coined the ominous term “cold civil war” to describe America’s precarious condition, adding, “Statesmanship’s first task is to prevent it from turning hot.” The attempted massacre June this week June 14 of Republican Congressmen and their staff by a deranged partisan of […]

USA: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Dallas invites all Texans to an Interfaith Iftar on Sat 17th June ’17

Source: Break fast with us! We are always available to anyone to walk in and chat! Next weekend, we are inviting all of you to an Interfaith Iftar – thats to share a fast breaking meal with us. On Saturday Jun 17 at 7:45PM This holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast […]

Daesh vanishing into thin air in Syria

İLNUR ÇEVIK @ilnurcevik Published June 13, 2017 No one really knew how the Daesh killers came about. They just appeared on the scene, wreaked havoc, beheaded people, displayed every form of cruelty and now they are vanishing into thin air in war-torn Syria. In Iraq they are about to give up Mosul […]

USA/phoenix: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Mosque to host an event to educate the public about Sharia

Source: The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Mosque is hosting an event Saturday evening to educate the public about Sharia. Spokesman Usman Yahya said the event is open to everyone, including those participating in anti-Sharia protests. “We want people to come to our mosque and meet us and listen and learn about […]

Canada: Ahmadi Muslim Capt. Hassan Malik raises money for the Gander & Area Food Bank during Ramadan

Source: |  By Leigh Anne Power, CBC News Fasting while helping others eat: Ramadan fundraiser in Gander Local Muslim man reaches out to Gander and area food bank Hassan Malik has lived in Gander only since November, but he’s already making a difference in the community. Malik, the chief engineer at […]