Foreign-born healthcare workers risk their lives in Western countries for victims of a virus that does not discriminate according to colour, religion

Apr 22,2020 -JORDAN TIMES – MICHAEL JANSEN While watching satellite television coverage of the coronavirus pandemic it is impossible to ignore that many doctors and epidemiologists consulted by the US satellite CNN channel and ,to a lesser extent, the BBC are brown or black men and women. White men in […]

Time to fire Jared and Ivanka

Source: CNN Jared Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump, traveled to the Trump golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, with their three children for the first night of Passover on April 8, according to The New York Times In so doing, they ignored federal guidelines. President Donald Trump’s much-vaunted coronavirus […]

Did coronavirus come from a lab?

Source: NewScientist No, this virus isn’t a bioweapon. New diseases have emerged throughout human history, and we have seen two major coronavirus outbreaks in the last two decades: SARS and MERS. So we shouldn’t be surprised by the arrival of the covid-19 virus. However, rumours on social media suggest that […]

Teacher shortage in US: AIM NEWS

By Dr. H. Koya, JD., Fell. AIM We note with deepening concern that there is a significant shortage of qualified teachers in the US. What is more concerning is that there is no proper teacher and training institute or agency that can train teachers. Mere graduate or undergraduate degree in […]