Staying healthy without antibiotics

Lisa Kaaki, | Published — Friday 29 July 2016 Only a few decades ago, antibiotics were considered to be wonder drugs because they worked so well to cure deadly diseases. Recently, Lord Jim O’Neil who led the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance admitted that a campaign was needed to stop […]

Gambia: Lote

In traditional medication, Lote Tree is believed to have numerous medicinal values. The leaves, fruit, roots and bark of the tree are all used for various kinds of treatments. Its valuable properties have been realised since ancient times. From research, we have understood that the leaves of the plant can […]

A greying planet from north to south

By Duc-Quang Nguyen JUN 6, 2016 – 15:32 The ageing population is increasing at an unprecedented rate. If the phenomenon only affected developed economies in the past, now it has a worldwide effect. Pensions, health costs, lower economic growth … Through a weekly series of graphics, will help explain […]

Cell Phone-Cancer Link Seen in Rat Study

Source: Time By Alexandra Sifferlin An important new study has linked cell phone radiation to cancers in the brain and heart. The new research was conducted on rats by the U.S. National Toxicology Program, which exposed rats to radiofrequency radiation that comes from cell phones for about nine hours a day […]


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