The world’s most powerful MRI machine

Source: BBC News Nikola Tesla’s last name isn’t just a car brand. Tesla is also the metric for the magnetic strength of MRI machines. Whereas historically powerful MRI machines have registered around 7-10 tesla, a new generation of machines are breaking the mold and registering up to 11.7 Tesla. Along […]

Five myths about first aid

Source: BBC News By Claudia Hammond 20 April 2018 Getting first aid right can mean the difference between life and death. But as we learn more about the human body and how it responds, over the years the advice gradually changes – meaning that in some cases, what we learned […]

How Being a Night Owl Endangers Your Health

Source: Time By ALEXANDRA SIFFERLIN A new study found that night owls—people who like to stay up late—are more likely to die early compared to morning larks, who rise earlier. The new report, published in the journal Chronobiology International, analyzed a study of about half a million people from ages 30 to 73 and followed what […]

How your mindset determines your health

Source: BBC News By Claudia Hammond 11 April 2018 If your New Year’s exercise regime has already failed, try not to focus on all the workouts you should have done. New research has revealed a surprising connection between people’s beliefs and their health: by being too negative about their physical […]