Al-Farabi’s prayer

Al-Farabi’s prayer İBRAHIM KALIN@ikalin1 Published January 6, 2017 As Al-Farabi combines the major strands of the Islamic intellectual tradition, his prayer is of particular importance not only for the students of Islamic philosophy but also for anyone interested in the relations between philosophical thinking, logical rigor and spiritual refinement How does […]

Why It’s Not Wrong to Wish Muslims Merry Christmas Mustafa Akyol DEC. 23, 2016 ISTANBUL — Billions of Christians around the world are excited to celebrate Christmas this weekend. Those in the world’s second-largest religious community, Muslims, don’t share quite the same excitement. In a few Muslim-majority countries, like Saudi Arabia, Brunei and Somalia, Christmas celebrations are banned. In […]

Saudi Arabia to ‘inoculate’ children against Westernisation, atheism and liberalism

Source: The Independent By Lizzie Dearden @lizziedearden Government programme targets threats to ‘ideological security’ in schools  Saudi Arabia is launching a programme to “inoculate” children against Westernisation, atheism, liberalism and secularism. They were listed as threats to “ideological security”, ahead of the danger from extremist groups including Isis and al-Qaeda and […]