Mosques losing sway over young Indonesians because of online sermons, study shows

The study also found that social media-based sermons had reduced the influence of religious education in family, organisations or other formal educational institutions.    JAKARTA (THE JAKARTA POST/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) – For centuries, mosques served as places where Muslims deepened their knowledge of Islamic teachings. The influence of mosques, however, […]

True story of a Prisoner in Medina

  By Mrs. Amina Chaudhary, Ridgeville, Ontario Rendered into English by: Zakaria Virk. My name is Amina Chaudhary. I am a graduate in Nursing from Lahore. In 1968 I was sent to Medina by the government of Pakistan. Next year I got married to Abdur Rahman Akhtar, son of Chaudhary […]