Netanyahu’s failed game of brinkmanship

Source: Arab News: It took a diplomatic crisis with Jordan, following Sunday’s killing of two Jordanians by an Israeli Embassy guard in Amman, to finally shift Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s position on Al-Haram Al-Sharif — two weeks after his far-right government took the controversial decision to install metal detectors at […]

Jerusalem: Reason needs to prevail

Jul 23,2017 – JORDAN TIMES EDITORIAL The UN Security Council is scheduled to hold an emergency meeting on the fast-deteriorating situation in East Jerusalem as a result of Israel’s grave violations of the legal and historical status of the holy places there, especially of Al Aqsa Mosque. The site has been the […]

It is the occupation!

Jul 19,2017 – JORDAN TIMES – Hasan Abu Nimah Last Friday, there was an attack in Jerusalem. Three Israeli Palestinian young men opened fire on Israeli forces near Bab Al Asbat, the gate in the Jerusalem Old City wall that leads to Al Haram Al Sharif. Two Israeli officers were killed, […]