Book Review

Islam and Britain by Ron Geaves

Review In his study of the hitherto largely neglected and yet remarkable contribution of the reformist Ahmadiyya Movement, nowadays persecuted in different parts of the world, Ron Geaves shines a welcome and long overdue light on pioneering Muslim missions in Britain during the inter-war years. With the Movement’s members presenting […]

Philosophy in the Islamic World. A History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

Most surveys of philosophy in the Islamic world share the same shortcomings. They focus primarily on a couple of traditions, restricted by creed (“Islamic philosophy”), language (“Arabic philosophy”), or geography (“philosophy of Middle East” or “Near East”) at the expense of covering the contributions of scholars from other milieus. They […]

A New book: A Secret to Enhance Your Creativity

How can we inspire our creativity? Rachel Carson, Abdus Salam, Einstein and others—exploring some unique ways of making connections! Two experts say: “….successful innovation depends less on how smart you are than how connected you are….”                            ———-Mark Thomas and Stephen Shennan, University College London A new book (about 11000 words) […]