Some hope, finally?

JORDAN TIMES – EDITORIAL The Astana peace talks brokered by Russia and Turkey appear to be in precarious position due to the fact that the ceasefire between Damascus and the rebel forces, painstakingly brokered by Moscow and Ankara, is often violated. As such, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday […]

Reunification of Syria

Jan 02,2017 – JORDAN TIMES – Gwynne Dyer So far the endgame in Syria has played out in an entirely predictable way. All of Aleppo is back in the Syrian government’s hands; that decisive victory for President Bashar Assad and his Russian backers has been followed by a ceasefire, and the […]

Christmas Tree in Aleppo

UN Security Council unanimously backs Syria peace plan By AFP – Dec 31,2016 – JORDAN TIMES   Syrians gather around a Christmas tree in Aleppo’s government controlled Aziziyah neighbourhood on Saturday (AFP photo by George Ourfalian)   UNITED NATIONS — The UN Security Council on Saturday unanimously approved a resolution […]