Darul Uloom Deoband Comes Out Openly Against the Tablighi Jamaat and Its Chief Maulvi Sa’ad Kandhaulvi

By New Age Islam Special Correspondent 10 December 2016 Perhaps first time in its age-old history, the largest Islamic seminary in India Darul Uloom Deoband has issued a categorical fatwa against the Tablighi Jama’at. Accusing Tablighi Jamaat’s chief Maulvi Sa’ad Kandhaulvi of perversion, misinterpretation of Islamic texts and desecration of […]

Al-Azhar’s historic fatwa on Shias

October 14, 2016 SHAFAQNA IN COLLABORATION WITH THE WORLD SHIA FORUM – The following is the transcript of an interview which was conducted with al-Azhar’s most senior authority: Dr. Ahmad al-Tayyib with Al Neel Egyptian TV channel. In the interview Dr al-Tayyib rejects the notion of takfir in reference to Shia […]