What Does it mean to Dream of a Snake in Islam – Islamic Dream Interpretation

Guest post by Mukeshwar Singh:

Mr. Mukeshwar Singh has the website: https://www.snakesindreams.com/  (Snakes in Dreams) where you can see more details about this very interesting topic. The name of the website is ‘Snakes in Dreams’.

Many comments on the previous article about “dreaming about seeing a snake in a dream” have asked for a more detailed interpretation about snakes in dreams. Therefore:

Here is the link to the previous article that I have talked about in the article, here is the link – https://themuslimtimes.info/2017/11/07/292676/

Before I begin talking about different meanings of snakes in a dream, I want to answer a question.

Does a Snake Dream mean something, or is it just a dream?

Yes, your dream has a meaning as there is nothing that Allah did without purpose, so your dream is a message from Allah about something you don’t know in your waking life.

Generally dreaming of a Snake symbolize your enemy who can be your friend, relative, in-laws, or neighbor.

It can also represent a person who lives in a valley in your waking life.

Depending on what you saw and did in your dream, it can have a different interpretation.

Every little detail of your dream can completely change the meaning of your dream, and these details include the color, nature, and behavior of the snake.

So a Black Color Snake in a dream will interpret differently from a Golden color snake; likewise, a bite from the snake will mean different from being chased by one.

Snake Bite

Dreaming of a Snake Bite is one of the mysterious and horrible dreams you will ever experience.

It is mysterious due to the fact that most of the dreams about snake bite feels real.

Dreamers have stated that the bite from a Snake in dream hurts like a real bite whose pain can also be felt after waking up.

But what does this dream means?

It means that you are doing something(a wrong action) in your waking life that will lead you to trouble situation in your near future.
The snake can also symbolize your enemy who will try to hurt you.

If the snake dies just after biting you, then it means that the enemy will try to harm you, but will fail in the purpose.

But if the bite from the snake gave you burning like sensation, then it means that your enemy will be successful in harming you.
If you are biting the serpent, then it means the attack of the enemy will backfire.

Snake in Water
Many Snakes lives in water, and thus water is a home for these wild creatures.

But what do snakes in water mean?

Generally dreaming of a water snake represents money or it can also symbolize receiving help when needed.

But in some cases, these serpents can represent your emotions.

If you fell in the water or the serpent tried to harm you, then it means that your enemy will try to take money from you either by tricking or frauding you.

So if you are in business, then this dream is a sign that you have to be very careful while trusting your partner for any deal that includes money.

But if you are in water and the snake is not harming you then it means that you will gain money shortly in your waking life.

In rare situations, when the snake is not interacting with you, then it can represent your emotions.

If you or the snake is flowing with the flow of water, then it is a sign that your emotions are getting out of control.

Snake Dream of Different Colors

As I mentioned before that every little detail could completely change the interpretation of your dream, so while interpreting your dream, it is vital that you look at the color of your snake.


A Black Snake in a dream represents a strong enemy in your waking life.

If a black snake bites you in the dream, then it means that your enemy can completely destroy you, but if you bite the serpent, then it means that you will overpower the rival.

If you buy a Black Snake or is the owner of a such color serpent in the dream, then it means that you will achieve a powerful position in your waking life.

If a Black serpent is over your head, then it means that you will gain the respect of people in authority.


A Golden color snake is a sign that you will discover a hidden treasure in your waking life.

If you see a person selling a bag full of Golden Snakes in your dream and you buy the bag from him, then it is a sign that you will get a large sum of money soon.

If a Golden snake tries to bite you or harm you, then it represents that it will be hard for you to find the treasure, but you will find it with great efforts.

If you see a Golden color snake protecting you from somebody or something, then it means that God has a special eye on you.


The red color represents Danger, war, and love and dreaming of such color serpent can represent your situation in the near future.
If you see a red color snake chasing you in a dream, then it represents Danger in your waking life.

It symbolizes that you are doing something wrong in your waking life that if not stopped soon will land you in trouble situation.
If you see red serpent on the road, then it represents war with an enemy.

It means that you can have a war with your rivals for something that is important for you.

If this wild creature was not trying to harm, but trying to cuddle you, then it can represent the person you like the most.
Such a dream represents your feelings for the person you love.

Killing a Snake

Generally killing a snake in a dream represents that you will overpower your enemy and gain victory over him.

If you kill the snake and cut it to two pieces(cutting the head), then it means that your enemy will be completely destroyed when he will try to harm you.

If your hands are stained with blood after killing the serpent, then it means that you will destroy your enemy.

If somebody else has killed the serpent in your dream, then it represents that he/she will help you to destroy your enemy who is also his/her common rival.

Seeing a dead snake without knowing the killer means Marriage.

If you see a dead snake with your friend, then it can also depict that your friend is going to marry soon.

But if you see a dead snake with the person you love in waking life; then this can represent your marriage with that person.

If the snake tried to bite you and died on its own, then this represents that your enemy is not sufficient enough to compete you.

Dream Interpretation

Now, after talking about different meanings of having a Snake Dream, I will interpret two of the dreams from the previous article.

A Snake in a dream represents an enemy and seeing an enemy suffering from pain is a sign that your wife will overpower her enemies.
Whenever her enemies will try to her, it will backfire on them.

Black Snake represents your strong enemies and killing one of them represents that you will completely destroy your enemies.
But seeing a Black serpent in your native house can be a sign that somebody from your home is your enemy.

Rafiq is adding:

Some lady whose husband married a second wife dreamed that a black snake bite her in the chest.  A dream interpreter interpreted it in such a way that yes, a snake bite hurts, but it will pass and not hurt the same for ever.     (not in the same way anyway).

But in any case:    dream interpretation is difficult and not really ‘accurate’.  And we are just humble contributors. Consequently whenever you have a worrying dream it is better to give ‘Sadaqa’ and pray and beg for Allah’s mercy and guidance.



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