17 Rules of Islamic Dream Interpretations

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In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

17 Rules of  Islamic Dream Interpretations

By anonymous writer

Ibn Qutaybah ad-Dinawari رحمه الله says in his book about dream interpretations, “There is nothing in which people deal with from the different sciences that is more obscure, delicate, exalted, noble, difficult and problematic than dreams because they are a type of revelation and type of Prophethood.”

Narrated Anas bin Malik رضي الله عنه Allah’s Messenger صلى الله عليه و سلم said, “A good dream (that comes true) of a righteous man is one of forty-six parts of prophet hood.” [Sahih al-Bukhari]

Some scholars tried to give explanation to this ratio of 1:46. We have no way to find out that if their explanation is correct or not. Prophet hood of Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم extended from 40 to 63 years meaning for 23 years. We know from Seerah that six months before becoming a Prophet, Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه و سلم was seeing dreams that would come out to be true on a very frequent basis so much so that he would see a dream one night and it would come to be true the next morning. So the ratio of 6 months to 23 years is 1:46.


There are 3 types of dreams: Imam at-Tirmidhi رحمه الله narrates from Muhammad Ibn Sirin رحمه الله who narrates from Abu Hurairah رضي الله تعالى عنه that Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said, “There are three types of dreams: 1) True Dreams 2) A dream in which a person is speaking to himself (i.e. whatever you were thinking about in the day time, you see at night) 3) A dream from shaytaan in which he wants to make you sad ”

In one hadith it is mentioned that one should stand up and pray and in another the he should not mention it to anyone.

Abu Salamah رضي الله عنه once said, “Sometimes I would see a dream that would be heavier on me than carrying a mountain. But since I heard this hadith I wouldn’t care about the bad dream I would see.”

Narrated Abu Sa‘id Al-Khudri رضي الله عنه: The Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم said, “If anyone of you sees a dream that he likes, then it is from Allah, and he should thank Allah for it and narrate it to others; but if he sees something else, i.e., a dream that he dislikes, then it is from Satan, and he should seek refuge with Allah from its evil, and he should not mention it to anybody, for it will not harm him.” [Sahih Muslim]

1) is every dream that a believer sees good?

A) Al Muhallab رحمه الله says, “Most of the dreams of the righteous people are good dreams because sometimes a righteous person could see a dream that is meaningless but that is not very frequent because shaytaan’s control on them is very weak. And the opposite is true with other people because shaytaan has a stronger grasp over them. People are of the categories:

A) The Prophets: all of their dreams are truthful and but sometimes they need interpretation. The good dream is divided into 2 categories:
a) Direct dream: something one would see in a dream and the exact scene repeats itself in day-time when you are awake and this dream does not need interpretation.
b) A dream the comes in symbols and it needs to be interpreted.

B) The righteous: most of the time their dreams are truthful (most of them need to interpreted) and sometimes their dream are direct.

C) Rest of the people: most of their dreams are not true but some of them could be true.” [Fath al-Bari bi Sharh Sahih al-Bukhari]

2) Do not mention the dream for interpretation except to a scholar or a person who would advise you sincerely.

Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم said, “You should not mention this dream to an envious person…”

There is also evidence for this in the Qur`an: (Remember) when Yûsuf (Joseph) saidto his father: “O my father! Verily, I saw (in a dream) eleven stars and the sun and the moon, I saw them prostrating themselves to me.” He (the father) said: “O my son! Relate not your vision to your brothers, lest they arrange a plot against you. Verily! Shaitân (Satan) is to man an open enemy! {Surat al-Yusuf, ayatyn 4-5}

3) Seeing Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم:

Narrated Anas رضي الله عنه the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم said, “Whoever has seen me in a dream, then no doubt, he has seen me, for Satan cannot imitate my shape. [Sahih al-Bukhari]

Q2) There is an issue here, what if a person sees Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم and he feels that it is him but his description in the dream if different than the one we know of from ahadith. So is the person in the dream Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم?
A2) Az-Zuhri رحمه الله says that Ibn Sirin رحمه الله said, “If you see him according to his description.” An-Nawawi رحمه الله, however, has a contrary view and he says, “As long as you felt in your dream that the person you saw was Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم then it is him even if he comes in a different form.” Ibn Taymiyyah رضي الله عنه supports the view of Ibn Sirin رحمه الله

4) A repetition of a dream is a sign of its truth. It does not matter if the same person sees the dream more than once or more than one person.

‘AbduLlah ibn ‘Umar رضي الله عنهما reported that some people were shown the Night of Qadr as being in the last seven days (of the month of Ramadan). The Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم said, “I see that your dreams strengthen each other that Night of Qadr is in the last seven nights of Ramadhan so whoever searches for it, would search for it in the last seven days (of Ramadan).” [Sahih al-Bukhari]

Also the dream about Adhan when 2 Sahabah ضي الله عنهما saw the same dream.

5) When is the most expected time to see a righteous dream? At night or day time? Are all the times equal (whether seen at the beginning of the night or end of the day)?

A3) Ibn Sirin رحمه الله said, “Dreams of day time are equal to the dreams of night.” [Sahih Muslim]

6) Ibn Battal رحمه الله said, “Dreams are of two types: a clear evident dream like somebody would dream about himself giving dates to someone and during the day time he would give somebody dates. This type of dream doesn’t need any interpretation. Secondly, a dream that comes in symbols and this type you would understand its meaning unless you get it interpreted by a person who has knowledge and experience dream interpretation because sometimes the symbols are very delicate and sophisticated.”

Like the dream Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم saw in which he was drinking milk from a vessel and when some of it was remaining, he gave it ‘Umar رضي الله عنه. Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم interpreted it as knowledge. This means that Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم absorbed the knowledge and he mentions that the milk was so much that it started flowing beneath his nails. So he had so much knowledge in him, that it started flowing from him.

7) Dreams can be about the past or the present or the future.

8) True dreams increase towards the end of times.

Ibn Sirin رحمه الله said,” I heard Abu Hurairah saying, ‘Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم said, “When Time approaches, the dream of the believer rarely would lie.’” [Sahih al-Bukhari]

“When Time approaches…” is explained in two different opinions:

1)Al-Khattabi رحمه الله said, “The meaning of ‘When Time approaches…” is the time of night and the time of day. When the time of night approaches the length the time of day, then the dreams of the believer will be true. These are the two times when flowers open up and when fruits are ripe. The scholars of dream interpretation actually state that these are the two time when the dreams are most likely to be true.”

2)Al-Qurtubi رحمه الله says, “What is meant by this hadith, and Allah سبحانه و تعالى knows best, is the end of times and it is talking about the group of believers that will be with ‘Isa ibn Maryam عليه سلام after he kills dajjal.”

Ibn Abi Jamrah رحمه الله says,” The reason why the believer sees true dreams at the time is because the believer will be ghareeb (stranger) as was mentioned in the hadith, ‘Islam began as something strange and it will return to the way it began being strange so give glad tidings to the strangers so give glad tidings to the strangers.’”

Ibn Hajar al-‘Asqalani رحمه الله comments on all the opinions by saying, “Whenever the times are difficult for the believer, he will see dreams that are true frequently because he needs help. When the believer is alone, when the times are difficult, when you don’t find people supporting on truth, then Allah سبحانه و تعالى will inspire you to give you glad tidings through the good dreams you would see and this is to give the believers in those difficult and testing times gives the believers strength, it gives them confidence, it gives them hope so they would see a lot of dreams that would come true.”

9) Most of the times, if the dream is a glad tiding from Allah سبحانه و تعالى it would take a long for it to occur while if it is a warning it would occur swiftly.

For example Yusuf عليه سلام’s dream took a very long time for it to happen around 40 years. Some scholars say this is because Allah سبحانه و تعالى gives the believer glad tidings early on to give him confidence and hope, to inspire him in his life. While if it is a warning, you would see it and it would occur very soon so that it would be the reason of fear in your heart.

10) Dreams are glad tidings and warnings but can not be used as a source of Shari‘ah.

Ash-Shatbi رحمه الله says regarding this, “Benefit of the dream in giving the believer a glad tiding or warning not in legislation and judgement or rulings.”

11) If one sees a dream that is very long like a movie or someone is chasing you and it never ends then most likely that dream doesn’t mean anything. True dreams are short and concise.

12) The dream of a believer pleases him but it does not make him proud or over confident.

Ibn Muflih رضي الله عنه mentions in his book Adaab ash-Shar‘iyah, “Ibrahim al-Humaydi was righteous man and Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal visited him so Ibrahim told Imam Ahmad, ‘My mother has seen a dream for you where she saw this-and-that for you,’ and then he mentioned Jannah. Imam Ahmad said, ‘My brother, Sahl ibn Salamah, people used to see dreams for him similar to what you mentioned and in the end he ended up shedding blood so the dream pleases the believer, it doesn’t make him boastful.”

13) Dream interpretation is not certain but presumptive and Allah سبحانه و تعالى says in Surah Yusuf: “And he said to the one he presumed to be saved…” {ayah # 42}

Ibn Kathir رحمه الله mentions in his An-Nihayah wal Bidayah that there was a caliph (not a good one) of Ibn ‘Abbas who saw dream that he was climbing a dream with 28 steps. So he had that dream interpreted. The one who interpreted his dream told him that the meaning of this dream is, “You will rule for 28 years.” But he died six months later. He died at the age of 28 so the steps were representing his age not the time for his rule.

There was a woman who dreamt that her daughter would break three banners (flag carried in war time). So she went to Ibn Sirin رحمه الله and he interpreted that dream saying, “If her dream is true, it means that she would marry three noble men all of them would be killed.” When her daughter grew up, she married Yazid ibn al-Muhallab who was a great leader in ‘Iraq and he was killed. Later on, she married ‘Amr ibn Yazid at-Taymi and he was killed. Her third marriage was with al-Hasan ibn ‘Uthman ibn ‘Abdur Rahman ibn ‘Awf رحمه الله, the grandson of the Sahabi ‘Abdur Rahman bin ‘Awf. She had an argument with him and she told him, “In the Name of Allah, you would be killed.” He asked her the reason and she told him about her dream. He said, “Alright, I am going to divorce you since you think I am going to be killed now!” Finally, she married al-‘Abbas ibn ‘AbdiLlah ibn Harith ibn Nawfal ibn Harith ibn ‘Abdul Muttalib and he was killed.

One man saw in a dream, during the plague, that caskets were coming out of his house and the number of them was equal to the number of his family. So, he interpreted the dream that his entire family would be killed in the plague. And the dream started to manifest itself. His family were dying one after the other and all the bodies were coming out of his house exactly how he saw in his dream until he was the last member of his family left so he was pretty sure that he would be killed by the plague because his dream was, until now, true. But a thief came into his house and was struck by the plague, he fell ill in his house, he died and he was the last body to leave the house and not the person who saw the dream.

14) It is haram and a great sin to claim that one has a seen a dream whilst he has not seen it or to lie in it.

Narrated ‘AbduLlah ibn ‘Abbas رضي الله عنه that the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم said, “Whoever claims to have seen a dream that he has not seen, would be told to tie between two hairs on the Day of Judgement.”

15) A dream could be seen by a person but it could be for someone else.
Al Hakim and ‘AbduLlah Ibn Mubarak narrate that someone saw a dream for Abu Jahl that he became a Muslims and pledged allegiance to Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم. But this never happened. So this dream was for his son, ‘Ikrimah رضي الله عنه who became a Muslim and pledged allegiance to Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم later on.

A dream was seen for Usayd bin Abil ‘Aas that he became the governor of Makkah and he never did but his son ‘Attab became the governor of Makkah.

16) Same symbol in a dream could mean different things for different people

For example: A man came to Ibn Sirin رحمه الله and told him that he had seen himself in a dream giving Adhan. Ibn Sirin رحمه الله replied, “You will make Hajj.” Another man came with the same dream and Ibn Sirin رحمه الله replied, “You are a thief!” Ibn Sirin رحمه الله was asked the reason of him giving different interpretations of the same dream to different people and he said, “Because I saw in the first man’s face righteousness and Allah سبحانه و تعالى says in the Qur`an that Ibrahim عليه سلام made adhan calling people to Hajj so I interpreted this mean that this person would make Hajj. Whilst I saw evil on the face of the other man and Allah سبحانه و تعالى says in Surah Yusuf, ‘then a crier cried: ‘O you (in) the caravan! Surely, you are thieves!’ so I interpreted it to mean that this person is a thief.’”

17) Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم said, “A dream is hanging on the leg of a bird (and in another narration on the wing of the bird) as soon as it is interpreted, it happens as it was interpreted.” So some scholars say that if you take your dream to a scholar, it would happen as it is interpreted by him so that’s why you must take it to a person who has knowledge about dream interpretation and or a person who would give you a sincere advice and not to the person who is envious so if the dream is interpreted it would happen as he interpreted.

However, there is a difference of opinion regarding this issue mentioned under rule number 17. And Allah سبحانه و تعالى knows best.

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43 replies

  1. Revealing Dreams of Scientists

    By Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Radiation Oncologist

    Imagine a world in which medicine lacks the sophistication of advanced chemical structures, tailors rely solely on their hands to fashion clothes, or space travel is simply a figment of our imagination. Had it not been for revelation through dreams, civilization today might still be centuries behind in its scientific and socioeconomic advancements. Throughout history, dreams are an integral part of the engine of discovery, leading to many breakthroughs that have advanced our
    world for the better.

    In order to better understand the impact of dreams on the advancement of scientific knowledge, it is first essential to define the types of knowledge that exist. First, there is the knowledge that is obtained through sense-perception is called posteriori or empirical knowledge. Second, rationalists believe that true knowledge can only be discovered a priori, or through deductive reasoning and logic, processes that are hardwired in the human brain and independent of sensory experience. “Both a priori knowledge, such as reason, intuition and logic, and a posteriori, or empirical knowledge, are necessary for man to construct an understanding of life and the universe. Mystical experience is necessary to reveal the inner nature of things while science is necessary for modern life.(1)

    As we uncover the essence of these two types of knowledge, it is apparent that beneath them lies the concept of revelation, which is defined as “A: an act of revealing or communicating divine truth. B:something that is revealed by God to humans.(2)” And in understanding the impact that revelation has on scientificc advancement, science itself is defined as the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. (1)

    In his masterpiece book, “Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge, and Truth,” Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, (rh) sheds light on the definition and nature of revelation and writes: “People who believe in revelation differ in their understanding of its nature.… If we widen the scope of our study, we observe that many authentic cases of revelation are also reported outside the domain of religion. For instance, there are many interesting cases of highly complex information conveyed through revelation to some scientists. (3)”

    Read the article further on page 39 and send us feedback: Muslim Sunrise Winter 2018 Volume.


  2. I would like to ask what it means to see a friend in dreams constantly.
    Some say when you see someone in a dream it means your souls are meeting at that time… Is this true?

    • What is the interpretation of dreaming of a place one has never been or seen before, and later knows that the place(exactly as seen in the dream) really exists?

      In this case, the scenarios that happened from that place in the dream, will it really happen in reality?

      Please reply.

    • Assalam alaikum wrb ,

      1st day in my dream i seen 4graves. In one grave has one beautiful house, another one has roots , another one has unwanted material like rope , another one already my cousin is laid down and stands from the grave,.
      2nd day in my dream i saw one bird fly from the sky and my soul captured i loudly says la illa ha illala and i saw the door was closed and I died

      • First of all I have to say that I am not qualified to interpret dreams. I am just looking it up in the dream directory http://www.myislamicdream.com (you can check it out yourself !).

        To recite la illa ha illala in the dream could mean: (according to that website showing mostly Ibn Sirin’s interpretations::

        Seeing ‘shahada’ in your dream..

        Shahada � (arb. Tashahhud) A sitting posture during one’s prayers which includes the proclamation of Allah’s oneness (i.e., I bear witness that Allah is one, no associate has He, and I bear witness that Prophet Muhammad is His servant and Messenger.) To see oneself offering the testimony of faith in a dream means the lifting of his adversities and achievement of his goals. Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin

      • Hello,
        I am having a dream for a week about a young Middle Eastern man dressed in traditional clothing. It is like a full on line Skype. I don’ know who I should contact. I don’t speak Arabic but he is sending a warning.

    • What is the interpretation of dreaming of a place one has never been or seen before, and later knows that the place(exactly as seen in the dream) really exists?

      In this case, the scenarios that happened from that place in the dream, will it really happen in reality?

      Please reply.

  3. All my dreams seem to either looking for something or someone, but never finds islamic interpretation or complete in the search.
    I been keeping a dream journal . I’m just wanting to know how I can change this.

  4. Khawab ki Tabeer The meaning of a dream is stronger when seen at dawn, or during an afternoon nap, or when fruits are ripening on their trees, or at the time of harvest, or when one’s star is in the riding position, or at a time when one is intending to sign a business contract,

  5. I cant find one website or any person to resolve my dilemma. No one is replyimg me. Pls anyome out there reply me. Pls help me my house maid had a dream that my husband broke a mirror by mistake and now all the interpretations say that the wife dies. But there is no one to answer if the dream is not dreamt by husband its my maid who saw it then what? Why all interpretations are based on if a man sees the dream. What if a woman sees the dream? 2 years ago my friend had a similar interpretation that she will die but shes alive. Im so distressed. How can they post random interpretations on google searches. This has to be treated sensitively and in detail depending on all aspects of the dream

    • Indeed dream interpretation is not an exact science. Also what is going to happen can change with prayers. Therefore pray and give Sadaqa and don’t worry.

      • I dream same guy every time to marrying and I don’t that person what is that mean can anyone help me

  6. As salaam u laykum. I had a dream of walking on sand and there was numbers in my dream. What does this mean.

    • interpretation from http://www.myislamicdream.com:

      Seeing ‘walking on sand’ in your dream..

      Walking on Sand or Picking Up Sand, If a person sees himself walking on sand or picking up sand, it means he will have to toil very hard in order to become wealthy. Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin

      sand represents money. Carrying a handful of sand in a dream means pursuing a business. If one carries a heavy load of sand in a dream, it means that he will suffer for his sins. Swallowing sand or gathering it in a dream denotes savings. Walking on sand in a dream means pursuing either a spiritual or a mundane interest, or it could represent a sad event, a fight, or committing injustice toward one’s own soul or against others. Depending on the quantity seen in one’s dream, gathering sand may mean shackles, a siege, life or death, poverty or richness, and honor or humiliation. Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin

      BUT PLEASE NOTE: dreams are not ‘exact sciences’. Meanings can change in accordance with your prayers. Therefore please pray, give sadaqat, and keep praying !!!

      also you may go to : http://www.myislamicdream.com enter ‘sand’ and see what comes up. Please also read the guidelines.

  7. assalamualaikum! sorry for poor english. I saw a very huge black snake in a room, like from the movie Annaconda ( i dnt remember whose house it was ) the body of the snake was in one room and the head was in the other room… i tried to burn down the snake by litting the fir to some combustible and throwing on it. after that i see the snake in an open area like lawn and some part of the snake skin was burnt. then i see my mom rushing to kill the snake , how ever the snake escapes, with lill power left rushes towards me and bite me on the right hand.. the snake was really huge ( as fat as a pickup. ) if any scholar is out there looking please help me out with the interpretation. THANKS

  8. Ma ne aik e qisam ka khwab kae barr dekh chukii hon k mjhy lagtaa hy k aj mera nikha hy butt wo htaa e nhe hu cancell ho jata hy or khwab ma e htaa hy or subha k time mjhy ye khwab atta hy phly koi cousin hta tha butt ab kabhi koi kabhi koi htaa hy jo mjhy passand nhe hta oss k sath hna htaa hy butt khud e cancell ho jata hy or aik ye raat ma sb kuch kindly guide me plzzzz

  9. Assalam-o-alikum,
    First of all great article with refrences because of this anyone can re-check the authenticity. Keep up the good work.

    My quesrion is.
    If a person (can be a man or woman) sees dreams (most not very pleasant) about others (also about “never seen before” people) that usually turn out the way he/she has seen, sometimes early (even earlier then one can think of) & sometimes late.
    Although he/she never asks for interpretation from anyone for any of his/her dreams or premonitions.
    Does it mean that the person is not good enough inside & Allah ta’aala wants him/her to be fearful?
    While, the person is not into any major sins, Allah knows.
    Any Islamic insight on this issue?
    A reply is appreciated.

  10. I keep dreaming about a boy that I like. We aren’t in a relationship. I don’t really care about the dreams because I don’t know what they mean. Before I go to sleep I always say the Ayatul Kursi.

    • Asalaamu alaikum pls tell me I dreamt my deceased sister telling me to give all family member money a hundred and twenty rand

  11. Assalamu Alaikum
    I did isthikara for marriage as I belong to a non muslim family to go with the person I love
    Before Thahjud- In a dark night travelling with one of my colleague to a haunted place in car
    After Thahjud- Travelling with my best friend in bus and enjoying myself with my old people.

    • Sorry, I am not really qualified to interpret dreams. May be some one else of our readers will reply? But anyway, it does seem to be a positive dream going from the haunted place to a happy place. Please continue to pray and give Sadaqa. We pray for you too.

  12. Assalam O Alaikum. I saw a dream I was making video of my self then I noticed a lizard on my shoulder , I was so much scared ,then lizard ran away and I was then relax after when the lizard ran away but then I was looking my video I noticed that lizard layed an egg on my shoulder I feel so much Filthy and started crying then my little baby sister take that egg out of my shoulder and broke it. And then I saw another dream my brother who doesn’t likes me he is always against me to marring a person I like most ,I saw a dream room was so much dark my brother was having fever and I was so much worried then my little sister said that every person who touches him will die I said no he my brother then I touched my brothers eye n three black snakes came out of my brothers eyes they wanted to kill me then my mom and dad put big stones on there head and kill those snakes but then one snake was not dead he again try to kill me but my father kill him twice and was sure that all snakes were dead..

  13. Assalaamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
    I saw a dream in which i was helping my family members to climb a ladder . I don’t remember if it was a wooden ladder or iron ladder but i was helping them one by one to climb it and i was the last to climb.
    Is there any interpretation of this type of dream ?

    • from http://www.myislamicdream.com regarding ladder:

      Seeing ‘climbing ladder’ in your dream..

      Ladder � Even climbing an old ladder in a dream means success in one’s business, exaltation and profits. Falling from a ladder in a dream means adversities, spiritual fall and temptation. Climbing down a ladder in a dream means business losses. If the ladder breaks in the middle of one’s assent or descent in the dream, it means losing to one’s competition. If one fixes a ladder to descend upon something he knows in a dream, it means safety from danger, arrogance, fears, or escape from an accident that might cost him his life. Climbing a ladder in a dream also means seeking the help of people who are filled with hypocrisy. If one climbs a ladder to hear something in a dream, it means that he will achieve success and attain power. A ladder in a dream also means authority, eavesdropping, or spying for evil people. Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin

      Ladder � A wooden ladder in a dream means distress and toiling one may endure during a journey. A ladder in a dream also represents peace and safety. Climbing a ladder in a dream means receiving a warning or an admonition to do good and eschew evil for someone who does not oblige. If one’s ladder turns into concrete stairs in a dream, it means assiduity and veiling or protecting of one’s privacy. A ladder laid on the floor in a dream means authority, while a raised ladder means recovering from an illness. A ladder also represents travels, comfort to a person who is struck by sorrows, or it could represent a great person. Climbing a new ladder in a dream means reaching new spiritual attainments, or it could represent his business success. Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin

      Ladder or Stairs � Climbing a ladder or stairs symbolises the religion of Islam by virtue of which he will acquire high stations in the Hereafter. Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin

      • maybe you are going to help your family members each to achieve what they need to achieve?

  14. Assalaamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
    i also had a dream in which i was at a place and there was some event going on so , there were people sitting on chairs and also me sitting on chair , i had a packet in which i had snacks , so i thought of giving snack to the people besides me , just when i put my hand i the packet i took out my hand i had dates and gave to my friends and other people .. and second time i put my hands there were dry fruits in the same packt and i was giving it to the people ,, it was like a miracle the dates were so many dates and dry fruits which were not running out

    • Ah, dream interpretation is a difficult science. Here some extracts from http://www.myislamicdream.com regarding dates:

      Dates � Dates placed to dry in the open represent money which does not last. To harvest dates in a dream in season means that one may get married to a noble and a wealthy woman. It also means acquiring knowledge. Harvesting dates out of season in a dream means that one will learn something good but fail to act upon it. If one see that he is fanning himself with a tender and a wet branch of a palm tree in a dream it means learning something beneficial from a hypocrite, or it may mean relief from distress. If a woman sees herself eating ripened dates that are dripping with juices in the dream, it means that she will receive an inheritance from her husband and that her name will be included in his will, even if she is divorced. If one sees himself taking a date, splitting it in half and extracting the date pit from it in a dream, it means that he will beget a son. Eating fresh dates in a dream means hearing good words beside other benefits. (Also see Bunch of dates; Date spread) Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin

      Dates � Dates symbolize the reading of the Holy Quran, good religious faith, rain, general and honest welfare, and savings.
      • Eating high-quality dates: Will hear something good and useful.
      • Buying dates: Will save money or receive money from some safe or treasury.
      • Opening a date and removing its pit: Will have a child, in view of a verse in the Holy Quran: “Lo! Allah (it is) Who splitteth the grain of corn and the date-stone (for sprouting). He bringeth forth the living from the dead, and is The bringer-forth of the dead from the living. Such is Allah. How then are ye perverted?” (“Al-Anam” [Cattle], verse 95.)
      • Eating dates with tar: Will divorce secretly. Dream Interpreter: Various Islamic Scholars

      Dates � • Seeing a measure of dates: A booty.
      • Seeing scattered dates: The dreamer is planning a trip.
      • Picking a date from a palm tree during the right season: (1) Will marry a noble, rich, and blessed woman. (2) Will obtain money from generous and noble people without effort. (3) The dreamer’s farm will yield him good money. (4) Will acquire useful knowledge and benefit from it. If the date was picked in the wrong season, he would acquire such knowledge but not use it. Dream Interpreter: Various Islamic Scholars

      Dates � (Fruit; Palm tree) In a dream, dates mean money or a good message. Eating dates in a dream means earning lawful income. Dates are like money, they do not have a long shelve life. Unripened dates in a dream indicate the availability of water for those who need it. Red unripened dates in a dream may signify some type of blood disease, whereby the red cells grow to exceed in number the white cells. Dates in a dream also mean rain. Eating dates in a dream means reading the Holy Quran and reaping benefits from one’s religion. Buried dates in a dream represent one’s savings. If one sees himself burying dates in a dream, it also means stealing from the property and money of orphans. Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin

      Dates � • Picking nice dates from a dry palm tree: (1) Will learn something useful from an unholy man. (2) If in trouble, relief will come.
      • Dates being picked for the dreamer: Money will come to the dreamer through dangerous people he will govern. A man said, “I dreamed that I found forty dates.” “You will receive forty lashes,” said the famous dream interpreter Ibn Siren. Sometime later, the same man came to Ibn Siren and told him he found forty dates at the gate of the sultan, to which Ibn Siren said that the man would receive one thousand dirham’s. When asked about the contradiction, Ibn Siren said that the first dream was made when the season was over and trees were dry; as for the second, it took place when waters were irrigating the trees. And he was right, on both occasions. Dream Interpreter: Various Islamic Scholars

      Bunch of dates � (Dates) Having a bunch of dates in a dream means savings, family reunion and each bunch of dates represents a member of a clan, or a head of a household. Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin

      Fresh Dates � Anas b. Malik reported Allah’s Messenger (Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam) as saying: I saw during the night that which a person sees during the sleep as if we are in the house of ‘Uqba b. Rafi’ that there was brought to us the fresh dates of Ibn Tab. I interpreted it as the sublimity for us in the world and good ending in the Hereafter and that our religion is good. (Muslim) Dream Interpreter: Imam Muslim

  15. I read A hadith were the prophet (saw) said ”if you ask sincerely for martyrdom Allah will raise you the status of a Shaheed even if you die on your deathbed’ ‘So I started asking Allah FROM MY HEART to grant me these blessings and I dreamed me fighting on the battle field thrice ,The first time I died ,second time I saw my comrade die who was a new convert ,Third time when I was going to join the battlefield someone told me to do ghusl and that I was impure.

  16. This is another dream I had ,I was sitting with my brother on a bench a man came and shot me 5 times in the head I said the shahada and my soul left my body like dozing off when you are sleepy. I had this dream before me dreaming about in the battlefield .

  17. I dreamed that my husband married another wife when he travels back to his homeland and saw this dream twice. The bride looked old, maybe sick and tired.

    • sorry, I am not a qualified dream interpreter. Anyway, just give sadaqa and pray for Allah’s protection and blessings.

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