Saudi considers “moving” Prophet Muhammad's grave

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Editor’s note: We have not been able to independently confirm the accuracy of this news

World Bulletin / News Desk

A controversial proposal to destroy the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad and relocate his grave from the al-Masjid al-Nabawi mosque in Medina, Islam’s second-holiest site, has emerged in Saudi Arabia.

The proposal made by a leading Saudi academic, which is part of a consultation document that has been circulated among the supervisors of the mosque, looks likely to stir division and unrest among Muslims all over the world.

Another Saudi academic who is known for his criticisms of the destruction of holy places and artefacts by the Saudi authorities brought the 61-page document to light to The Independent newspaper. The plans would see the remains of the Prophet Muhammad transferred to the nearby al-Baqi cemetery where they would be buried without markings among the unmarked graves of his companions.

Although there are currently no indications that the Saudi authorities plan to go through with the proposal, their past destruction of the graves of the Prophet’s companions at the al-Baqi cemetery have led many to fear the same eventual fate for the tomb of the Prophet.

The Saudi government however has on numerous times insisted that it treats any changes to Islamic sites with “the utmost seriousness,” including those to the al-Masjid al-Nabawi mosque, which is under the custodianship of the Saudi king.

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  1. If the Saudi Wahhabies plan to do so , this will be the last pin (screw) in the coffin of Wahhabism(the Devil )

  2. Muslims should have faith that God is the protector and the master. So let us not get angry about such things. Some things are in the domain of God. Before Prophet Muhammad, Arabia was a desolate, barren desert land. Since the advent of the Prophet, people of Mecca and Medina (Prophet’s country) have lived in peace and prosperity. God has made them the custodian of the Muslim inheritance. We don’t agree with their politics, but there is no other place in the world which is visited by so many pilgrims throughout the year. Saudi government has spent massive amount of money and created marvelous facility for these visitors. Masjid-e-Nabwi is the largest man made structure in the world. Honor and wealth is given by God. When he bestows so much honor and wealth on some one, we should understand that God is happy with them.

  3. Allah{S.W.T} is never happy with the people of NAJAD ‘they are today the Saudi’s royals, they hesitate the best of all mankind Maulana Rasulillah{S.A.W}, they joined their cursed hands with the western world just to create and bring unrest in the muslim world. We were not told to follow the Saudi’s Royals, Prophet Muhammad{S.A.W} left us the Holy Qur’an & Ahlu baitihi{Radiyallahu Anhum} he who holds unto this two things he will surely find an everlasting enjoymment. Saudi Royals are the real hypocrites and enemy of Islam, they grew sinile and betrays ISLAM & the real teaching Of Sayyidina Rasulillah{S.A.W} and his Sahaba’s{Radiyallahu anhum}..They only follow some evil schorlars who teaches them notin but evil teaching, nobody is worshipping the tomb of Sayyidina Rasulillah{S.A.W}, we are visiting him{S.A.W} for the unending love we have for him, and he’s the Man to lead on the day of resurrection to Aljannah, and He{S.A.W} told us the pious. Muslims to visit him at his Raudatul jannah..

    I swear by ALLAH TA’ALA as He{S.W.T} protects his mosque against the people of Elephant “FIL”, will even do worser to those that even brought the idea of moving the grave of The best of all mankind, Maulana Habibi my Beloved Muhammadur-Rasulillah{S.A.W}..!!

    This cursed royal house of Saudi will forever be astray & face the wrath of ALLAH TA’ALA from the day a soul will bid farewell from their cursed body…!!!

    Oh ALLAH TA’ALA, give me this super natural power to fight this ISLAMIC hypocrites Wahhabis/Salafis/shi’ite/Yazidis, give me the strength to do it alone yaaaaaaaa ALLAH…

  4. @ Lutf
    I agree with you that Allah takes care of such matters Himself but I don’t agree that when Allah bestows so much honor and wealth on someone, we should understand that God is happy with them. May be you can explain further.

  5. Allah will not succes them, they will fall very soon both wahabeast and there masters jews. Insha Allah.

  6. @Lutf
    Foremost I’d say it appears from your statement that either you are not a Muslim or if you are then you need to work really hard towards strengthening your Imaan. I am saying this because you consider Almighty Allah bestows honor and money only to those whom he’s happy with. Nobody has ever been more richer than Fir’oun. Entire Jewish community is richest one. Most of the rich people (not all) have become rich not by earning legitimately. Do you think Allah is happy with them? Infact,excessive money is the mother of all evil. And for your information, no Muslim respects the rulers of Saudi, we all know their lifestyle and workstyle. Its well known how British brokered deal with Saud to make him the king of Saudi.

    As far as, moving the tomb is concerned, be assured that’d never happen In-sha-Allah. If that was to happen, it would have been predicted by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as he has predicted many things. Huzoor (PBUH) is present in his rauza e mubarak and shall appear from the same place on the day of Qiyamah, In-sha-Allah!

  7. Allah may not leave them to do,we ask allah’s protection to protect the grave of our beloved prophet(pbuh) and destroy them by killing one after the other,like what he did against the abrahata’s people during their intention to destroy the holy ka’abah.ameen

  8. The God is watching and protecting, may the almighty Allah destroy such devils for their proposed terrorism.

  9. Y or y are they playing with the Almighty Allah,Allah is the protector and he will protect.I dnt know from where all these other groups have emerge and claim they know islam so well.All they doin is destroying whic our nabi (s.a w) never did.Allah curse ul who take his name and his Rasool and do such things.

  10. Oh Allah, Destroy Whoever preparing to Re-place the Tomb of our belove Prophet. MUHAMMAD (PBUH).
    for the sake of the Best of all mankinds.
    Due to this Useless issue I directed the true blîevers all over the world to recite the SURATUL FIYL(Alamtara kaifafa’alarabbukabi’asha-bil fiyl¤Alamyaj’al kaidahtm fîtaradhyl¤Wa’arsala alayhim Tairan aba-biyl¤ Tarmiyhim Bihijaratin Min-Sijjiyl¤Faja’alahum Ka’asfin Ma’akûl) 7times after our 5daily prayers.
    By the great of the creator of everythings the Hypocrites of ISLÂM Will never Success their ambition for ever base on this matter.
    Allahumma A’izzal Islâma walMUSLIMIYNA, Wa’azillash-Shirka Walmushrikina.

  11. Those peoples who thinks something like that it means they don’t have their “EMAAN and they are khaarij from their “EMAAN”, and those peoples who have their “EMAAN” they would never think anything like that.

  12. asslamoalaikum to all muslim brothers and sisters . i came to know about that bad news . this is not only a bad news but also another great sign of kayamat . there are a lot of people in arab against it . so do not afraid because we are not alone . i am not a maulana but i love my prophet s.a.w a lot . when i feel lonely i just use stand before madina sarif picture and just use to look and look and after few time i feel relaxed and my pain began remove . so i can not forgive the arab for their mischivious deadly unforgotabale decision . i am asking ALLAH SWT .

  13. Mr. Tschannen’s repeated reminders have fallen on deaf ears. Shows you the power of belief and faith. This also shows that “aqeedat” is a curse. It takes your reasoning away and makes you blind. This is the biggest affliction of Muslims today.

  14. The European Union is working actively on mind altering drug called spectrum 84az which will allow them to change a person bahaviour and deep belief system. Supposedly this drug can be entered in the food supply of any region or country and it will change the attitude of its inhabitants slowly and over time. This is the new method to fight extremism with drugs. Test trials had started already in areas of Belgium and France where this drug was injected in halal meat and some other items. Early results have been mixed but the long term effects are that the brain will reduce agrressive thoughts and the changes are permenant.

  15. we should not allow such a thing Y should we change his position its cannot be possible

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