Day: September 27, 2014

Families should have constitutions too

theguardian: by Tim Lott — The seismic constitutional rearrangement that is now taking place between England and Scotland has got me thinking about constitutions in general. Countries have them – why shouldn’t families? One of the most difficult things about being part of a family, after all, is that it […]

Pakistan Is Building Smaller Nukes, But They Just Might Be More Dangerous Pakistan is likely working to create tactical nuclear weapons, which are smaller warheads built for use on battlefields rather than cities or infrastructure. These weapons are diminutive enough to be launched from warships or submarines, which makes them easier to use on short notice than traditional nuclear weapons.Developing tactical […]

WHY THE ISLAMIC STATE IS NOT REALLY ISLAMIC Some 120 Muslim religious scholars this week published an open letter refuting the Islamic State’s claim to be a religious political movement, joining a series of high-profile condemnations of the extremist group by Islamic religious and political leaders. The letter, signed by current and former grand muftis of Egypt, the former […]