Day: September 4, 2014

Isis Insurgence: Should Every Muslim Publicly Condemn Islamic Extremists?

By Ludovica Iaccino The insurgence of the Islamic State, previously known as Isis, is causing hundreds of deaths in Iraq and Syria. The killings perpetrated by the militants, who recently posted online videos in which they beheaded two American journalists, have prompted many people worldwide – including several Muslim institutions – to publicly condemn […]

Are Muslims Violent?

Huff Post: by Gary M. Burge — Are Muslims violent? Yes. Are Jews and Christians violent? Yes. The problem is not one’s religious affiliation. The problem is spiritual: There is something bent inside each of us that inspires us to distort the higher values of the faith we profess. I […]

Indian court bans animal sacrifice

theguardian — Rights activists hail Himachal Pradesh’s decision to outlaw ‘barbaric’ slaughter of animals in Hindu temples   A court in remote northern India has banned a long tradition of sacrificing animals for religious reasons, deeming the practice cruel and barbaric. The high court in Himachal Pradesh has asked police and other […]