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Zakaria Virk is a writer, translator, author and historian of Islamic science. He has compiled 17 books in Urdu and English, written scores of article published in newspapers, magazines of India, Pakistan, UK, USA and Canada. He is a retired civil servant. He has two sons both living in the US, one Adnan is ESPN sports TV anchor in Bristol, Connecticut. He has traveled to more than 15 countries. He has published 5 books on the life and achievements of Muslim world's first Nobel laureate Dr Abdus Salam. (1926-1996).
He has donated blood 50 times in Canada. He is a card carrying member of Liberal Party of Canada.

Ivanka Trump Is Jeered in Berlin After Defending Her Father

Ivanka Trump elicited groans and hisses on Tuesday from some members of the audience at a conference in Germany after she defended her father’s attitude and record on women, calling him a “tremendous champion” of families.  RUSSELL GOLDMANAPRIL 25, 2017 An entrepreneur and an adviser to the president, Ms. Trump, […]

UK: Halala Marriages and sexual exploitation of Muslim women? According to a BBC undercover investigation, some Muslim women in South Asian diasporic communities in England are facing exploitation, blackmail and sexual abuse via various online accounts. These accounts provide services for divorced women to fulfil the requirement of a so-called Halala marriage, in order to remarry their former spouse after they have been divorced through the […]

USA:The 19 strangest things Donald Trump said in his surreal 100-days interview 2017/04/24 Trump’s Associated Press interview is replete with lies, exaggerations, rambles and strange non-sequiturs. By DANIEL DALEWashington Bureau Mon., April 24, 2017 WASHINGTON—U.S. President Donald Trump did an Oval Office interview with Associated Press reporter Julie Pace to discuss his first 100 days in office. He made some news, offering […]

India: NIA court issues non-bailable warrant against Zakir Naik

MUMBAI: The special NIA (National Investigation Agency) court here on Thursday issued a non-bailable warrant against the controversial Islamic hate preacher Zakir Naik, wanted by the agency for his alleged role in a terror case. The National Investigation Agency had registered a case against Naik+ under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act last year./ told the court […]

Malala Yousufzai new citizen of Canada OTTAWA—Few new Canadians go right from a citizenship ceremony to addressing Parliament. But then few people are like Malala Yousafzai — Nobel Peace Prize winner, a United Nations messenger of peace, a global advocate for education. And still just 19. The Pakistan woman, who survived a Taliban attack five […]

USA: How to stand up to Trump and WIN

Nicholas Kristof APRIL 13, 2017 NYTimes .com BOSTON — After President Trump’s election, a wave of furious opposition erupted. It was an emotional mix of denial and anger, the first two stages of grief, and it wasn’t very effective. Yet increasingly that has matured into thoughtful efforts to channel the passion […]

Canada: Motion 103 is an attack on freedom of speech by Islamo-fascistsکالم کینیڈا میں اظہارِ رائے کی آزادی پر اسلامو فاشسٹ کا حملہ April 12, 2017 1:22 am · 3 comments آصف جاوید کینیڈا ایک عظیم ملک ہے۔ اِس عظیم ملک میں دنیا بھر کے 193 ممالک اور 40 سے زیادہ مذاہب سے تعلّق رکھنے والے باشندے ، بلا امتیاز مذہب وعقیدہ، رنگ و نسل ، […]

Hospitals and Health Care in Medieval Islam

Special to The Muslim Times.    By Zakaria Virk, Toronto, Ontario   Hospitals and Health Care in Medieval Islam Medieval Muslims adopted every institution of public service they found in the ountries they conquered (Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Byzantium) during the medieval times. In Iran they found houses for the sick called […]