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Zakaria Virk is a writer, translator, author and historian of Islamic science. He has compiled 17 books in Urdu and English, written scores of article published in newspapers, magazines of India, Pakistan, UK, USA and Canada. He is a retired civil servant. He has two sons both living in the US, one Adnan is ESPN sports TV anchor in Bristol, Connecticut. He has traveled to more than 15 countries. He has published 5 books on the life and achievements of Muslim world's first Nobel laureate Dr Abdus Salam. (1926-1996).
He has donated blood 50 times in Canada. He is a card carrying member of Liberal Party of Canada.

UK: The burka looks ridiculous, and those who defend it do Muslim women like me no favours

Suad Farah – The Telegraph UK LOL” was the reply I got from my niqab-wearing best mate when I sent her the article that Boris Johnson wrote for this newspaper on Monday. I don’t like the veil, and like Boris I would never seek to ban it. But the growth […]

Canada: Good riddance to our ties with Saudi Arabia

Tarek Fatah: The Toronto Sun Most Canadians were taken aback by the hostile reaction of Saudi Arabia towards Canada after Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland issued statements late last week calling on Riyadh to release imprisoned Saudi blogger Raif Badawi, whose wife, Ensaf Haider, and three children are Canadian citizens. In […]

Denmark: women charged for wearing face veil

Denmark veil ban: First woman charged for wearing niqab BBC.COM  Image copyrightAFPImage captionHundreds of people protested against the ban on Wednesday A woman has become the first person in Denmark to be charged with wearing a full-face veil in public, after a ban came into effect on Wednesday. The 28-year-old […]

Toronto: Danforth shooter was ‘armed for war,’ sources say

Jul 26, 2018 Toronto Sun “He was very proficient. I can’t imagine he could change magazines on the run, avoid jamming and hit targets as accurately as he did, had he not had some firearms training and experience.” “I heard the reports of him being mentally ill, and I […]

The danger of mainstreaming militants in Pakistan

By Vinay Kaura Pakistan’s hybrid system of government oscillates between patrimonalism, semi authoritarianism and quasi-democracy. The military is Pakistan’s most powerful institution which uses both populism and democratic cover to legitimate its dominance, while the civilians are left with little option but to depend on the military to stay in […]

UK: Trump ‘angry baby’ blimp gets green light to fly over London during president’s visit The six-metre balloon depicting Mr Trump as a nappy-clad orange baby will take flight from Parliament Square Gardens on 13 July. 02:54, UK,Saturday 07 July 2018 Image:The Trump baby blimp will fly over London during the president’s visit. Pic: Trump Baby UK By Bethany Minelle, news reporter A giant balloon dubbed “Trump […]