New Book from Berlin: Muslim Contributions to Sciences

Zakaria Virk

A new book has been published from Berlin, Germany by al Ilm Publishing. Quality newspaper, eye-catching printing, and cover design, with lots of diagrams.

ISBN-13: 978-3-659-64654-6
ISBN-10: 3659646547
EAN: 9783659646546
Book language: English
This book highlights the contributions made by Medieval Muslim Scientists in various fields of sciences; in particular Ophthalmology, Pharmacy, Medicine, Mathematics, Astronomy, Surgery & Optics. Medical breakthroughs made by Muslim scientists have also been discussed. Biographies of two scientists’ al-Razi and Ibn al-Haitham have been provided in detail. These contributions made significant impact on the European Renaissance.
Publishing house: Al Ilm Publishing
By (author) : Zakaria Virk, historian of Islamic Science 
Number of pages: 356
Published on: 2019-03-07
Stock: Available
Category: Islamic science / Religion / Theology
35.90 €



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