UK: Muslim Council of Britain’s anti-terror campaign criticised after unwillingness to blacklist ‘kill Ahmadis’ group

MCB have still not unequivocally rejected the discrimination preached by Khatme Nubuwwat against Ahmadi Muslims. Source: Critics accused the organisation of dragging its feet over expelling a charity which called for apostates to be killed. By Tom Porter October 21, 2016 16:33 BST The minaret of the East London Mosque in […]

Move UK border from France to Britain

Source: CNN A leading French presidential candidate says he will move his country’s border with Britain to the UK, amid concerns about the backlog of British-bound illegal migrants on French soil.Alain Juppé, a center-right former prime minister who is considered a frontrunner in next year’s elections, told journalists that he […]

UK: Olympic gymnast Louis Smith visits Ahmadiyya mosque in London to learn more about Muslims & Islam

Source: Louis Smith Visits Mosques, Apologises (Again) for Mocking ‘Religion of Peace’ Following Death Threats Louis Smith / Facebook by DONNA RACHEL EDMUNDS19 Oct 2016153 Olympic gymnast Louis Smith has missed out on celebrations being held in central London to honour Britain’s Olympic team – to visit two London mosques […]