Why Russia plays by its own rules

Source: CNN First, Soviets did not believe in win-win solutions (having rarely experienced such outcomes). Second, spouting vranyo (baloney) is an essential lubricant of social and business life. Third, and most importantly, Soviet negotiators regarded rules as merely an expression of power. The rule-setting party aims to constrain and overcome […]

Veiled Bigotry in Germany

Source: The New York Times Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany has been a bulwark against the anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim and anti-globalization forces afflicting Western democracies. So it was dismaying when, on […]

Anti-Radicalization Mentoring & Awareness Network (AMAN) held the first of its kind “Public Speaking Competition” promoting British Values to counter Extremism

Report by Nabeela Ali, Chairperson AMAN Children have been given tons of confidence through this public speaking competition – Steve Ashman, Chief Constable Northumbria Police ‘Anti-Radicalization Mentoring and Awareness Network (AMAN) project was set up in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January 2015 to safeguard school-age children, young […]

A Devon village has unleashed its anger toward the recent 70 Syrian arrivals by donating £600 worth of jumpers to them

I visited Torrington, the village apparently ‘furious’ that 70 Syrian migrants moved there, and found out the truth  Mark Steel @mrmarksteel   Last week I was in Torrington, North Devon, the village that’s been in the news because local people organised a massive collection of clothes and toys, for Syrian […]

UK: Boris Johnson accuses Saudi Arabia of ‘playing proxy wars’ in the Middle East

The Telegraph UK reports that Boris Johnson has accused Saudi Arabia, one of Britain’s closest political allies, of “playing proxy wars” in the Middle East.Footage has emerged of the Foreign Secretary claiming that politicians in the region are “twisting and abusing religion” for their own political advantage. The video, published by The Guardian, comes from an event […]