PBS Nova Documentary Collection: Homo Sapiens The Birth of Humanity

Suggested Reading by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times:

Turkana Boy, also called Nariokotome Boy, is the name given to fossil KNM-WT 15000, a nearly complete skeleton of a Homo ergaster youth who lived 1.5 to 1.6 million years ago. This specimen is the most complete early hominin skeleton ever found.[1] It was discovered in 1984 by Kamoya Kimeu on the bank of the Nariokotome River near Lake Turkana in Kenya.[2][3]

Estimates of the individual’s age at death range from 7 to 11 years old.[4] Estimates of the age at death depend on whether the maturity stage of the teeth or skeleton is used, and whether that maturity is compared to that of Homo sapiens or to chimpanzees. A key factor is that, while modern humans have a marked adolescent growth spurt, chimpanzees do not.

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