British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Tests Positive For Coronavirus

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PM Boris Johnson. Suggested reading by the Muslim Times: Corona Fear’s Cure: Chanting from the Bible and the Quran

Source: Huffington Post

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he has tested positive for the coronavirus.

In a video that Johnson shared on social media Friday morning, he revealed he had “developed mild symptoms” of the virus ― a temperature and a persistent cough ― and had “taken a test that has come out positive.”

Johnson said he was isolating himself at the prime minister’s official residence in Downing Street, London, which was “entirely the right thing to do.”

“But be in no doubt that I can continue, thanks to the wizardry of modern technology, to communicate with all my top team to lead the national fightback against coronavirus,” added Johnson, who was seated and wearing a tie and suit jacket as he spoke.

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Dr. Zia H Shah, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times and in charge of health section

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“We project that roughly 56 percent of our population – 25.5 million people – will be infected with the virus over an eight week period,” Governor Newsom of California wrote on 3/19/2020.

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