Here’s a list of disinfectants you can use against coronavirus


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By Christina Zdanowicz, CNN

CNN The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is arming consumers with a list of disinfectants that people can use to protect themselves from the novel coronavirus.

The federal agency released a five-page list of chemicals and products Thursday that it says are strong enough to ward off “harder-to-kill” viruses than SARS-CoV-2, the virus that’s responsible for the disease.
“Using the correct disinfectant is an important part of preventing and reducing the spread of illnesses along with other critical aspects such as hand washing,” EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said in a statement.
“There is no higher priority for the Trump Administration than protecting the health and safety of Americans. EPA is providing this important information in a public and transparent manner on disinfectant products to help reduce the spread of COVID-19,” he said.
The EPA says it’s best to follow the instructions on the disinfectant’s label and pay attention to the how long the product should be on the surface you’re cleaning.
In a statement to CNN, the EPA said companies can apply for an “emerging pathogens claim” based on previously approved claims for harder-to-kill viruses. The agency reviews them and determines whether the company can safely make that claim.
Handwashing with soap and water is still the best way to prevent transmission of the virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
That’s because from what we know so far, the novel coronavirus is thought to spread primarily by people and their respiratory droplets — think coughs, sneezes, spit.
In other words, person-to-person transmission is most common.
While it’s possible that people who touch surfaces or objects contaminated with the virus and then touch their mouths or eyes can also become infected, this may not be the main way the virus spreads, the CDC said. So disinfectant wipes can only go so far.
Here are some of the registered disinfectants on the EPA’s list:
Clorox Multi Surface Cleaner + Bleach
Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
Clorox Commercial Solutions® Clorox® Disinfecting Spray
Lysol brand Heavy-Duty Cleaner Disinfectant Concentrate
Lysol Disinfectant Max Cover Mist
Lysol brand Clean & Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaner
Purell Professional Surface Disinfectant Wipes
Sani-Prime Germicidal Spray


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  1. Hopefully the TMT’s readers do not panic to face the coronavirus—trust on God, pray to God and try to live be better and cleaner than before.

    Rafiq, you live in Lombok, Indonesia, Right? take care your family and your self.

    May God protect us all from coronavirus. Amin
    With all love ❤️

    • well, there was one case of this virus in Lombok and 200 in Switzerland. Anyway, agree with you. The panic is over-rated. The panic is doing a lot more harm than the virus itself.

  2. Dear Somi Tempo/Rafiq
    I just read an article that mentioned a Mullah in Pakistan that was saying that this virus is GOD’s wrath on humanity and now, you are telling us that we should trust GOD and pray to be safe.
    I wish that it was that simple.
    This virus and other epidemics are man made and can only be dealt with proper precautions and medical means. Prayers are spiritual uplifting and not to deal with illnesses. SORRY!

    • Quote—
      This virus and other epidemics are man made and can only be dealt with proper precautions and medical means. Prayers are spiritual uplifting and not to deal with illnesses. SORRY——

      I agree with you. God love Unconditionally— bad thing is not from God— God love people— this desease is made by men—NOT from God— it is not God’s wrath, Islamic scholars are wrong, mislead people.

      God love all people

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