The World Responds to the Attack on Salman Rushdie, What is Your Position?


Say, produce your proof, if what you say is true. (Al Quran 2:111, 27:64)

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Author Salman Rushdie. Additional reading: CNN — The world reacts to attack on Salman Rushdie

President Biden and the first lady, Jill Biden, issued a statement later in the day saying they were “shocked and saddened” upon hearing of the attack on Mr. Rushdie. They pledged their solidarity with the writer and emphasized “the ability to share ideas without fear.”

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  1. When , it comes the time of punishing the insolvent person , all are either condemning or be silent . It is strange that those who were propagating that murder in the name of insolence , is so good that the best at least 72 ladies of heaven , wait for the killer with their arms wide open , are choosing the path of responsibility ? Those who brought the ummah to the road for murder , and made promise the showering the ram of rewards , are also making a chorus of condemnation ! What message they are giving ? Should it be believed that finally they have agreed with the views of ahmadiyya muslim community that there is no worldly punishment for insolvent in the holy quran and sayings of the prophet SAW ? Or it is the path of hypocrisy that there is one islam in the muslim majority society and just opposite islam in the muslim minority society ? If the first probability is true , it is the beginning of much awaited new era , a era of peace , tolerance and brotherhood . If second probability is true , should hypocrisy be accepted ? Should ideology of hypocrisy be survived ? Blasphemy laws are blot on the face of human values . It opens the doors of lawlessness . Is calling the son of god , merely a prophet , not the insult of christian ideology ? So , if peace and order is to be established , and to save the muslim emotional youths to become murders of human values , the civilized world must address the blasphemy .

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