Maryland AG report into Archdiocese of Baltimore alleges 156 Catholic clergy members and others abused more than 600 children

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By Celina Tebor and Christina Zdanowicz, CNN

Updated 4:03 PM EDT, Wed April 5, 2023

report from Maryland Attorney General Anthony Brown released Wednesday alleges 156 Catholic clergy members and others abused at least 600 children over the course of more than six decades.

“From the 1940s through 2002, over a hundred priests and other Archdiocese personnel engaged in horrific and repeated abuse of the most vulnerable children in their communities while Archdiocese leadership looked the other way,” the report reads. “Time and again, members of the Church’s hierarchy resolutely refused to acknowledge allegations of child sexual abuse for as long as possible.”

The report’s list of abusers includes clergy members, seminarians, deacons, teachers and other employees of the Archdiocese.

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  1. I would be interested in a study that looks into the effect of the ‘rule of celibacy’ and sexual abuse. Somehow I did not come across this yet. Time to look into it.

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