Ahmadi Muslim and Pakistani Diplomat!

Source: HT There are several Muslim-majority countries where Mahershala Ali’s Oscar win for his role in Moonlight won’t be celebrated. That’s because he belongs to the minority Ahmadi sect.In countries such as Malaysia and Pakistan, Ahmadis are reviled by hardline Sunni Muslim groups as heretics, apostates and even infidels. So much […]

In Bavarian town, Syrian sisters get to grips with Germany’s freedoms

   Reuters International FEB 22, 2017 –  FILE PHOTO: Syrian refugees Nawar (L) and Mayar Ballish make falafel sandwiches at a German Christmas market in Schillingsfuerst, Germany, November 25, 2016. REUTERS/Michelle Martin/File Photo (reuters_tickers) By Michelle Martin and Ameenah Sawwan SCHILLINGSFUERST, Germany (Reuters) – More than a year ago, Mayar […]

The Maliki madhab

The Maliki madhab is one of the four schools of Fiqh or religious law within Sunni Islam. It is the second-largest of the four schools, followed by approximately 25% of Muslims, mostly in North Africa and West Africa. Madhabs are not sects, but rather schools of jurisprudence. There is, technically, […]

Best-selling children’s author Mem Fox ‘sobbed like a baby’ as she was detained by US border control

‘I have never in my life been spoken to with such insolence’ says the 70-year-old writer Lucy Pasha-Robinson @lucypasha The Independent US Mem Fox said she was insulted by US border guards Twitter A best selling children’s author said she “sobbed like a baby” after she was detained and “insulted” by US border control […]

“Islam not the same as some Muslims’ actions”, Ahmadiyya community Australia

Source: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/islam-not-the-same-as-some-muslims-actions/news-story/c6993595a53121c08cffd252fedcf4e7 The Australian | 12:00AM February 27, 2017 Reporter | Adelaide | @VerityEdwardsau The president of an Adelaide mosque says Muslim extremists are abusing Islamic teachings of the Koran, including interpretations that domestic violence is accepta­ble if marriage counselling fails. Nasir Zia, who heads the Mahmood­ mosque at Beverley in Adelaid­e’s west, […]

Australia’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Association to take part in Clean Up Australia Day 2017 Nationwide

Source: http://www.newsmaker.com.au/news/258425/ahmadiyya-muslim-association-australia-will-take-part-in-clean-up-australia-day-2017-nationwide#.WLOpctKGPIU Ahmadiyya Muslim Associations Australia will enthusiastically take part in ‘Clean-Up Australia Day 2017’ with 26 clean-up sites registered all over the country. Complementary BBQ has also been arranged for volunteers and guests on number of sites. Nationwide clean-up sites distribution is as follows: NSW: 9 Clean Up Sites VIC: […]