The buildings that make us think

Source: BBC News By Devon Van Houten Maldonado Museums do more than allow us to engage with history and art. They are forms in and of themselves, which, to varying degrees, enable and propagate missions and legacies through design and architecture. Perhaps no museum in recent history has created as […]

Coercing the media

Source: Dawn AN unannounced censorship seems to have been imposed on the media. The restrictions have certainly not been imposed by the federal government or any regulatory body. Still, the media houses are compelled to follow a diktat. Opinion pieces violating ‘guidelines’ have reportedly been withdrawn by the management of […]

Pompeo returned empty-handed

Source: CNN The news of Pompeo’s meeting with Kim, which occurred over Easter weekend (sometime over the end of March and the beginning of April) also raised eyebrows that unlike Clapper, Pompeo went to North Korea and didn’t come back with Americans being held captive by the isolated regime. “It’s […]