Aswaja-Ahmadiyah Dialogue Stops, Kiai Abdusshomad: Al-Quran Plagiarism and Heresies

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Saturday, 01 October 2022

Aswaja-Ahmadiyah Dialogue Stops, Kiai Abdusshomad: Al-Quran Plagiarism and Heresies

MOJOKERTO, – The dialogue between Ahlussunah Wal Jamaah (Aswaja) and Ahmadiyah at the KH Abdul Chalim Islamic Boarding School (IKHAC) Pacet Mojokerto, East Java was stopped. The dialogue forum was canceled because KH Abddusshomad Buchori, former chairman of the East Java MUI for three terms, who was originally invited as one of the speakers, suddenly informed that Ahmadiyah is a deviant sect that has been banned by the government. So there should be no dialogue like this because it violates government regulations and laws.

“Excuse me. Ahmadiyah is a deviant sect that has been banned by the government. So it can’t be preached, it can’t be spread, either verbally, in writing or electronically. It is also not allowed to put up signage, because it is already prohibited in Indonesia,” said Kiai Abdusshomad Buchori in front of figures, kiai and dialogue participants, including Ahmadiyah followers, Thursday (29/9/2022).

In the dialogue forum, Prof. Dr. KH Asep Saifuddin Chalim, MA, who was accompanied by the Aswaja team, consisted of academics. Among others: Dr. KH Abdul Hamid Pujiono (Secretary of PCNU Jember), Dr. KH Abdul Wahab Ahmad (UIN KH Achmad Siddiq Jember), Dr. KH Abdul Haris (UIN KH Achmad Siddidiq Jember), Kiai Ahmad Dairobi, Caretaker of Miftahul Ulum Islamic Boarding School Jember.

From Ahmadiyah was present Eki Subandi, Chairman of the Indonesian Ahmadiyya Congregation ( JAI ). Eki Subandi who came directly from Jakarta was accompanied by Ahmadiyah administrators, including Ahmadiyah followers in Surabaya and its surroundings.

(Prof Dr KH Asep Saifuddin Chalim, MA, KH Abdusshomad Buchori and the Aswaja team consisting of academics namely  Dr KH Abdul Hamid Pujiono (Secretary of PCNU Jember), Dr KH Abdul Wahab Ahmad (UIN KH Achmad Siddiq Jember), Dr KH Abdul Haris (UIN KH Achmad Siddidiq Jember) and  Kiai Ahmad Dairobi, Caretaker of Miftahul Ulum Islamic Boarding School Jember . Moderator Gus Muhib on the far right  . Photo: mma/

During the dialogue, moderated by Dr. KH Mauhib Rohman (Gus Muhib), the Chancellor of the IHKAC, Kiai Abdusshomad Buchori, presented the Joint Decree (SKB) of the Minister of Religion, Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs which prohibited Ahmadiyah. Namely SKB number 3 of 2008: KEP-033/A/JA/6/2008.

According to Kiai Abdusshomad, the ban on Ahmadiyah does not only come from the decision of the SKB. But also from the Governor of East Java in 2011. Namely letter No. 188/94KPTS/013/2011.

In addition to the SKB and the SK Governor of East Java, according to Kiai Abdusshomad, the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), both central and East Java have condemned heresy. 

“Even the heretical laws and prohibitions against Ahmadiyah are not only from the Indonesian government but also world Islamic organizations such as the OIC,” said Kiai Abdusshomad.

The ulema who gave birth to many books then exposed the dishonesty of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, a figure who is considered a prophet by Ahmadiyah followers.

He shows some of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s teachings which are collected in Tadhkirah, the Ahmadiyya book.

“Many verses of the Koran are quoted, but some have been omitted and some have been added,” said the scholar who is very productive in writing.

Kiai Asep then stated that the dialogue program was stopped. He said that we must comply with government regulations and Indonesian laws. The event was replaced with friendship.

However, Kiai Asep repeatedly prayed that this event would receive guidance from Allah SWT. So they realized their mistake in understanding Islam.

“May Allah give guidance,” Kiai Asep said over and over again, saying that he had delivered da’wah to them.

Eki Subandi and his supporters accepted the cessation of the dialogue. He said he did not want to add to the nation’s problems. But I want to participate in providing solutions for the nation.

Gus Muhib, as the moderator, actually gave Eki Subandi and his group of Ahmadiyah followers the opportunity to provide clarification. But Eki and his entourage were not ready. They insisted that they had written a clarification book. According to them, all the clarifications are already in the book.

Then how is the chronology of how come there is a dialogue event? 

It turned out that it started with a book entitled Aswaja in the Middle of Streams written by Kiai Asep and his team. The 304-page book is intended as a guide for NU teachers.

In the book published by the Central Leadership of the Nahdlatul Ulama Teachers Association (Pergunu), various schools of Islam are discussed, including Ahmadiyah. According to the book, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was very close to the British government which was then colonizing India. Mirza himself is a Qadian citizen of India. But instead he defended the British colonialists. He even gave a fatwa to support the British colonialists and forbade Indians to wage jihad against the British.

“Even though the British were clearly colonizers. But Mirza said that England is ulul amri,” said KH Abdul Wahab in the dialogue forum. Abdul Wahab is one of the authors of the book Aswaja in the Middle of Streams dealing with Ahmadiyah issues.

“Mr and brother Mirza Ghulam Ahmad do work for England,” he added.

The Indonesian Ahmadiyya Congregation ( JAI ) did not accept this. They allege that the writings in the book written by Kiai Asep and his team are not based on primary data (Ahmdiyah). They also published a rebuttal. The rebuttal book was edited by Eki Subandi himself.

“I am the editor of this book,” he said.

But their rebuttal was a blunder. According to Abdul Wahab, when they quoted verses from the Qur’an and Hadith, it strengthened Aswaja’s argument.

The same is true when it comes to history. Ahmadiyah’s writings are fatally wrong. He gave an example of Ahmadiyah’s writings accusing NU of supporting the Dutch colonialists.

According to Ahmadiyah’s rebuttal book, at the 36th Congress in Banten, NU was cooperative against the Dutch colonialists. The Ahmadiyah book even narrates that the 36th Congress in Banten stated that the Dutch colonial government was a legitimate government according to the law. Ahmadiyah claimed to quote the narrative from a book written by Andree Feillard.

“Well, the editorial that NU legalizes the law of the Dutch government, which was clearly colonizing it, is an editorial made up by the Ahmadiyah,” said Kiai Abdul Wahab.

Why? “Because after we traced Andree Feillard’s book there was no such editorial. Absolutely nothing,” said Kiai Abdul Wahab. Once again the Ahmadiyya lied.

(KH Abdusshomad Buchori. Photo: mma/

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