Georgia woman says 14 family members have been killed in Gaza

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Source: CNN

Through a series of airstrikes in Gaza, Hadeel Masseoud says she has lost at least 14 family members, including a 2-month-old child.

Masseoud, who is a Georgia resident, told CNN on Saturday that she has “lost track” as the death toll continues to increase.

“I don’t think hurt even begins to describe what I feel. It’s immense pain and anger,” she said.

One airstrike killed six Masseoud family members at their home earlier this month, she said. Another relative wasn’t home at the time of the attack and returned to find his loved ones dead. Masseoud said the man then suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized.

“They don’t have clean water. The hospitals don’t have anesthesia. I’m going to assume that he’s not doing well,” she told CNN.

Since then, at least eight additional family members have been killed in other airstrikes, Masseoud said.

“How many more Palestinians need to die before it’s enough? What’s it going to take?” she said.

Masseoud was born in the United States and hasn’t met her extended family in Gaza, but said her father has remained very close to them.

“We were thinking about going together to Gaza for Christmas so I could meet them for the first time,” she said.

Masseoud’s father has roots in Gaza but grew up in Lebanon. He moved to the United States to provide better opportunities for his children but has helped financially support his extended family for many years, she said.

“He is 82 years old. This is going to break him,” Masseoud told CNN.

Masseoud expressed her frustration with some of the rhetoric surrounding the situation in Gaza, saying it has made her family feel extremely unsafe.

“The rhetoric that I see is disgusting. The dehumanization of the Palestinian people is disgusting,” she said. “We are not Hamas! They’re innocent civilians. They don’t have water! How is this justified?”

Masseoud said those spreading hateful remarks “have blood on their hands.”

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