Muslim Heritage is the Best Theme to Refute Islamophobia and We have the Best Collection for that

Taj Mahal is not only a symbol for India but also for the Muslim Heritage and we have the best collection on the theme

Acknowledging Islam’s Contribution to Science

The Review of Religions: October 2022 By Musa Sattar, London, UK  In the era from eighth to thirteenth centuries known as the Islamic Golden Age, we found that the achievements […]

Science and Islam, Prof. Jim Al-Khalili – 3 Part BBC Documentary

Science and Islam is a three-part BBC documentary about the history of science in medieval Islamic civilization presented by Jim Al-Khalili. The series is accompanied by the book Science and […]

The Portuguese rediscovering their country’s Muslim past

Historians and archaeologists are showing just how integral Islam is to the country’s identity. By Marta Vidal Published Jun 2020 Lisbon, Portugal – After fleeing war in his native Iraq, 33-year-old Mustafa […]

How Islam has Influenced Christian understanding of God

Epigraph: Say, ‘O People of the Book! come to a word common between us and you — that we worship none but Allah, and that we associate no partner with Him, and that some of us take not others for Lords besides Allah.’ But if they turn away, then say, […]

Michael Ruse vs John Lennox • Science, faith, and the evidence for God

Epigraph: He is Allah, the Creator, the Maker, the Fashioner. His are the most beautiful names. All that is in the heavens and the earth glorifies Him, and He is […]

Rethinking Ibn Khaldun as a human rights activist in 21st century

BY ERGIN ERGÜL  MAR 17, 2023 – 12:05 AM GMT+3 In Ibn Khaldun’s system of thought, the state exists to protect individuals and guarantee them justice, order and security in […]

List of female Islamic scholars. Wikipedia.

4 languages From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is an incomplete list of female scholars of Islam. A traditionally-trained female scholar is referred to as ʿālimah or Shaykha.[1] The inclusion of women in university […]

Muslim women reclaim their gender space

BY MOIN QAZI  JAN 12, 2023 – DAILY SABAG Women are exposed to organized education for the first time and are now enlightened enough to channel their cultural, parental and […]

A European capital’s forgotten memory: Madrid’s Islamic past

Breadcrumb Inigo Alexander 14 December, 2021 While armchair enthusiasts of European history are well aware of southern Spain’s Islamic history, most are unaware that Madrid, Spain’s current capital, once had […]

The Moorish invention that tamed Spain’s mountains

(Image credit: Kira Walker) By Kira Walker 12th October 2022 An ancient Moorish invention has been providing water to the Sierra Nevada mountains for more than 1,000 years, making life possible […]

Prof. John Makdisi traces the Islamic Origins of the Common Law

Collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times We can read John Makdisi’s magnum opus by ordering the North Carlina Law Review article from a Library or by […]

Why did King Henry II Threaten to join Islam: BBC

To Know more how you can benefit from the Muslim Times, go to our Homepage or About Us page. Promoted post: Our Favorite Christian Prayer by Saint Francis, For the Whole of our […]

Islam’s response to contemporary world problems (31)

Sat, 09/03/2022 – 19:00 We continue the series of installments related to the Holy Quran’s teachings on DUTIES and PROHIBITIONS for the sake of bringing about a lasting Social Peace. […]

Why Muslims See the Crusades So Differently from Christians

Promoted post: We are all living in the Womb of God-the-Mother, 13.8 billion Years Pregnancy They weren’t all battles and bloodshed. There was also coexistence, political compromise, trade, scientific exchange—even love. […]

Scholar examines fiscal policies of mediaeval Muslim states

By Saeb Rawashdeh – Jul 31,2022 – JORDAN TIMES A southern stronghold Karak was an administrative centre of Ayyubid and Mamluk state (Photo courtesy of ACOR/ Collection of Rami Khouri) AMMAN — […]

PBS Video: Seven Wonders of the Muslim World

We have the best collection for the Muslim heritage A New Commentary of the Holy Quran Emphasizing Compassion, Justice and Human Rights Launched via @wordpressdotcom — TheMuslimTimes (@TheMuslimTimes2) July […]

One Name to Know for Muslim Heritage: Prof. James al-Khalili

Book Review: Pathfinders: The Golden Age of Arabic Science by Jim al-Khalili Source: The Guardian Book reviewed by Tim Radford The ‘bubbling invention’ of the Islamic world lit up the […]

Madinah museum’s role to preserve Islamic heritage praised

Source: The Arab News June 11, 2022 Saudi minister was briefed on the contents of the museum, including technical models, atlases and encyclopedias MADINAH: Saudi Minister of Commerce and Acting […]


Al-Qarawiyyin, world’s oldest, continually operating university, was founded by a Muslim woman

BY DAILY SABAH  ISTANBUL JUN 07, 2020 EDITED BY YASEMIN NICOLA SAKAY The world’s oldest university is not in Europe, as most people would assume; it is in Morocco and was […]

The Movie ‘The Physician’ and the Muslim Heritage

Epigraph: Every human life is precious and sacred and saving one is like the saving of the whole of humanity. (Al Quran 5:32) The Physician (German: Der Medicus) is a 2013 German historical […]

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