Arab and Muslim leaders blame West for Gaza misery

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Kaaba the holiest place and House of God in Islam. If not a political solution, do the Muslims have a theological solution to this dilemma?

By Frank Gardner

“We warn of the disastrous repercussions of the retaliatory aggression by Israel against the Gaza Strip, which amounts to a war crime,” said the final communique. “We warn of the real danger of the expansion of the war as a result of Israel’s refusal to stop its aggression and of the inability of the [UN] Security Council to enforce international law to end this aggression.”Few people I spoke to at the summit expected Israel to take much notice. Instead, it was clear that this summit and its intended message of unity was aimed at Israel’s biggest backer – the United States. Leaders want the Biden administration and the West in general to exert sufficient pressure on Israel to stop the war altogether.

But what they could not agree on was how to achieve that. The summit pulled together some strange bedfellows – an indication of just how worried the region is at events in Gaza spiralling beyond their control.

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