Can Gaza conflict serve as inspiration for humanity?

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By İhsan Aktaş, who is Chairman of the Board of GENAR Research Company. He is an academic at the Department of Communication at Istanbul Medipol University.

Humankind encompasses both a material and a spiritual side. The material facet, predominantly shaped by the capitalist world, imparts lessons focused on bodily pleasures and the pursuit of happiness through increased consumption. This worldly face of humankind ends up producing increased hunger in Africa, the proliferation of the arms industry, heightened mortality rates and escalated conflicts. In the contemporary era, our predominant understanding revolves around the capitalist paradigm, emphasizing the more materialistic and instinctual facets of human nature.

Throughout history, people have been at the forefront of exhibiting their animal side. Simultaneously, God has sent religions and prophets for human beings. The prophets set forth paradigms for people to live in justice and virtue. Thinkers and philosophers have also actively sought the betterment of humanity, contributing to intellectual formation and moral progress.

We find ourselves in an era when the virtues that define humanity have been overshadowed, with individuals increasingly engrossed in pursuits of entertainment, wealth accumulation, consumption and the worshiping of material possessions, rather than a spiritual focus on the divine. The pervasive influence of the capitalist system has resulted in a notable neutralization of individuals so that no one has been left with any values to defend or oppose.

At a time when humanity had become so neutralized, a small group in Palestine began to resist 75 years of colonization, occupation, theft, extortion and oppression. The resistance group is a political party with a security unit called the Al-Qassam Brigades. Even though it is not recognized as a state from the outside, it is acting like one, whereas Israel is behaving like a terrorist organization.

And this small group is resisting the entire Western civilization. They act by the laws of war and do not massacre civilians. They continue to protect their prisoners and treat the sick.

On the other hand, Israel, the U.S., the U.K. and their little lackeys, who seem to be representatives of Western civilization, continue to kill children almost as if they came from outer space, unaware of religion, far from law, morality and virtue.

Each Israeli bomb weakens Western values

When you look at its essence, Israel is not fighting, but just bombing and killing children, women and civilians. Every time Israel drops a bomb, human lives, the right to live in Palestine, access to clean water, treatment of the sick and all human values, whether on the battlefield or in captivity, are destroyed.

And every time Israel drops a bomb, Western values are undermined.

A handful of purposeful, patriotic young Palestinians is teaching the world how to stand up for what is right and resist injustice.

No matter how much the leaders of the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and the Islamic world are in favor of oppression, it has once again become clear that the people in the streets, the citizens, have a conscience.

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