Is ‘Year of the Bible’ making Christianity official religion of US?

Russian TV: Are some faiths more ‘legitimate’ than others in the US? The Freedom from Religion Foundation has filed a lawsuit over a State House resolution announcing 2012 as ‘the Year of the Bible’ calling it ‘hostile’, claiming it violates the US Constitution.

The Wisconsin-based organization, which has atheists and agnostics among its members, is suing the sponsors of the controversial resolution adopted by Pennsylvania House of Representatives, these being Rep. Rick Saccone, Republican-Allegheny; House clerk Tony Barbush; and House parliamentarian Clancy Myer. The document, declaring 2012 ‘the Year of the Bible’, is viewed as rather odd in a country considered to be secular and inhabited with people of various religions. The organization argues it is in breach of the US Constitution, which says the government should not issue laws on “the establishment of religion.”

The resolution encourages Pennsylvanians to study tenets of the scriptures and that – according to The Freedom from Religion Foundation – violates the US Constitution’s mandatory separation of church and state.

The resolution speaks about the Bible’s “formative influence” and mentions a “national need to study and apply” Scripture.

The group has requested the US Middle District Court to look into the issue, as it says the resolution creates a “hostile environment” for those having religious views different from those of Christians and “implicitly marginalizes and disparages non-Christians and nonbelievers.” They insist the proclamation of “the Year of the Bible” establishes “an officially endorsed and preferred religion” in the country.


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