Day: March 20, 2012

Why Multitasking May Be Bad for Your Brain

Are you reading this while thumbing through text messages, streaming a TV show online, or scribbling a note to your child’s teacher? (Or maybe doing all three?) Don’t congratulate yourself. Even though most people think an amped-up, gadget-dependent lifestyle makes them more nimble, focused, and efficient, that may not be […]

Good Without God

What we believe in often becomes that which we wish others would believe in. We wish for their approval and their understanding. We tend to desire the company of those who use the same language of belief as we do. Likewise, when we are confronted with those who don’t believe […]

77 Pinoys on death row abroad

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines said Tuesday its diplomats had increased their efforts to save 77 Filipinos on death row overseas after four nationals were executed in China last year for drug trafficking. “We are helping them out. We are making high level representations and making sure they have access […]

Did Jesus Exist?

Source: The Huffington Post By Prof.  Bart D. Ehrman In a society in which people still claim the Holocaust did not happen, and in which there are resounding claims that the American president is, in fact, a Muslim born on foreign soil, is it any surprise to learn that the […]

Team effort takes Bangladesh to historic final

Source: Photo: Mahmudullah celebrates Bangladesh’s victory, Bangladesh v Sri Lanka, Asia Cup, Mirpur, March 20, 2012  (Courtesy Cricinfo) Bangladesh made it to the final of the Asia Cup, defying pre-tournament expectations with consecutive victories against their more fancied neighbours. It was only the second time they had reached the […]

State Vote Threatens Merkel’s Government

Source: Spiegel Germany By SPIEGEL Staff A snap election in North Rhine-Westphalia will put Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government under intense strain this spring. Her junior partner, the FDP, is putting its own survival above coalition unity. And an early tactical error by her party’s candidate, Norbert Röttgen, could wreck its […]

Afghanistan and the Long War

Credit Stratfor: By George Friedman The war in Afghanistan has been under way for more than 10 years. It has not been the only war fought during this time; for seven of those years another, larger war was waged in Iraq, and smaller conflicts were under way in a number […]

When your skin is on diet

Source: TOI When your skin is on a diet (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images) True beauty comes from within. “The secret to a healthy glow may not be hidden in your cosmetics,” says skin expert Dr Jaishree Manchanda. Healthy skin, like any organ, is often a reflection of diet and lifestyle. If […]

Bribe, she wrote

Credit: TOI A 14-year-old has started an anti-graft website. Another one, where you can post your trysts with bribe is making waves with Pakistan, Bhutan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Kenya, even China, looking to replicate it. Can these bring down what affects the average Indian the most – retail corruption? When my […]