Bribe, she wrote

Credit: TOI

A 14-year-old has started an anti-graft website. Another one, where you can post your trysts with bribe is making waves with Pakistan, Bhutan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Kenya, even China, looking to replicate it. Can these bring down what affects the average Indian the most – retail corruption?

When my father passed away, I needed a death certificate. I was shocked that a bribe (Rs 500) was asked even from someone who is in mourning. I feel ashamed now for having paid it and wish I had confronted the person.”

“An airport official at Begumpet airport held me back showing a small torn edge on my passport… He said he would let me off if I pay some money. I ended up paying him Rs 1,000 to allow me to take my flight.”

These comments were posted on and are among the thousands of accounts of the shame and humiliation people suffer when forced to pay a bribe. It could be for anything – getting driving licenses, birth or death certificates, traffic challans, property deeds, gas connections , pensions…you name it and you have to pay up.


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  1. Ah, a big subject ‘bribes’…

    Somebody once told me that there are ‘good bribes’ and ‘bad bribes’. Under ‘good bribes’ he would have mentioned the ones listed in the article, ‘to ensure something gets done quicker’ and ‘bad bribes’ would be when you pay a bribe to get for instance a piece of land which should belong to someone else.

    And another aspect: When the salaries of officials are just too low to meet their family obligations then this also encourages to ask for bribes. And then the government thinks it does not need to increase the salaries because ‘they are taking bribes anyway’ …

    A big subject indeed, with no easy solution. But it should be tackled from all the different angles.

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