Day: March 27, 2012

Ex-Palawan Governor ordered arrested for muder

PUERTO PRINCESA CITY—A judge on Tuesday ordered the arrest of former Palawan Governor Joel T. Reyes, his mayor-brother and a former provincial administrator in connection with last year’s killing of environmentalist-broadcaster Gerardo “Doc Gerry” Ortega here. Reyes was charged with murder, along with Mayor Mario Reyes of Coron town in […]

When God Talks Back

Source: Huff Post Religion I am an anthropologist. More than 10 years ago now I was in pursuit of a project on religion and community when a young, blond, giggly California beach girl told me that I should have a cup of coffee with God. She loved hanging out with […]

Facebook Password Debate Stirs Concern

Source: Information Week Recent controversy over prospective employers requesting Facebook credentials has dredged up some big social questions. There has been a lot of fallout from recent stories, including my own, recounting the experiences of prospective employees who were asked to hand over their Facebook credentials during the job interview […]

Chocolate lovers tend to weigh less

Credit: TOI AP Photo NEW YORK: People who ate chocolate a few times a week or more weighed less than those who rarely indulged, according to a US study involving a thousand people. Researchers said the findings, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, don’t prove that adding a candy […]

Israel’s conscience

Ha’aretz: Ha’aretz has long had a reputation as Israel’s most distinguished newspaper, read by the economic, political, and intellectual elites. It’s language and the lack of a sensationalist front page are among the factors that make it the secular Hebrew language daily with the smallest circulation. It is also the […]

France bars entry of radical imams

Credit: TOI Sarkozy to bar radical imams from entering France PARIS: France will bar radical Muslim preachers from entering the country to participate in an Islamic conference next month as part of a crackdown after shootings by an al-Qaida-inspired gunman, president Nicolas Sarkozy said on Monday. Sarkozy, who has announced […]