Month: April 2012

Panetta, Clinton to discuss Philippine role in Pacific strategy

Philippine News Secretary Leon Panetta and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will meet with top Philippine counterparts next week to discuss America’s expanding military role in the country. Panetta and Clinton will sit down with Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert Del Rosario and Secretary of National Defense Voltaire Gazmin next Monday, DOD spokesman Capt. John Kirby […]

Google Drive’s Six Substantial Slip-ups

Source: PC Magazine. By David Murphy The dust on the Drive has settled — Google Drive, that is — and users finally have the chance to play around with the company’s new cloud storage system, one that’s designed to, “work seamlessly with your overall Google experience.” Seamless, perhaps. But perfect? […]

Swedish Muslim Politician has been appointed as Human Rights and Goodwill Ambassador for Peace

The International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) has appointed H.E. Malik Nasim Ahmed (Elected Reserve Member of the Swedish Parliament) as the International Human Rights Commission’s Ambassador for Human Rights and Peace At Large for Scandinavia Countries from Sweden from 16th April 2012. H.E. Malik Nasim was also appointed as a GOODWIL […]

A history of the world, BRIC by BRIC

By Pepe Escobar Credit: Asiatimes: Goldman Sachs – via economist Jim O’Neill – invented the concept of a rising new bloc on the planet: BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). Some cynics couldn’t help calling it the “Bloody Ridiculous Investment Concept.” Not really. Goldman now expects the BRICS countries […]

US strikes a military pose for Iran

Credit: Asiatimes: This is in light of the widely-disseminated news over the weekend that the US has deployed its latest generation of stealth bombers at “Iran’s doorway”, possibly in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which is in dispute with Tehran over the three islands of Abu Musa, Little Tub and […]

5 Minutes Outside Can Boost Your Mood

MSN Health The next time you’re looking for a natural mood elevator, turn to nature itself. Research published last year in the journal Environmental Science & Technologyconfirms what anyone who’s experienced a sunny-day high already knows: Nature is almost foolproof at boosting your mood and self-esteem. And, amazingly, it only takes […]